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Итоговая контрольная работа для 10 класса

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс

Название проверяемых умений (на основе ООП)

Проверяемое метапредметное умение

Количество заданий, проверяющих сформированность умения на базовом уровне


Упр. для тренировки


Чтение текста с извлечением информации.



упр.68 с.70


Распознавать и использовать все видовременные формы глагола



упр.102 с.81

р.т.№1 упр.10 с.24;

упр.4 с.85, р.т.№1 упр.6 с.27

Лексический материал

Употреблять лексические единицы в рамках изученных тем



упр.20 с.60; упр.9 с.89; р.т.№1 упр.1,2 с.22

Работа носит диагностический характер: каждое задание направлено на диагностику определенного умения.

Задания считаются выполненными при отсутствии ошибок.

Если задание имеет один верный ответ, а учащийся отметил два варианта ответов, то задание считается невыполненным.

При занесении результатов в электронный шаблон напротив порядкового номера учащегося ставятся:

"1" в случае, если ребенок выполнил задание верно;

"0" в случае, если ребенок выполнил задание неверно или не выполнил задание.

За правильное выполнение каждого задания ученик получает 1 балл. Если в кратком ответе сделана орфографическая ошибка, ответ считается неверным. За неверный ответ или отсутствие ответа выставляется 0 баллов.

Максимальное количество баллов за выполнение заданий – 26.

26 – 23 баллов – «5»

22 – 19 баллов – «4»

18 – 14 баллов – «3»

<13 баллов – «2»

Variant 1


1) Read the text and choose the correct answer.

School forever?

Classes and homework are not only for children. Not anymore. This is the opinion of one of the online course providers Jason Underwood. He believes education is going to become a lifelong process for those who are at school or university now. The professional world is very competitive nowadays, and to keep up with rivals one needs to update qualifications on a regular basis. If a person wants to go further, to get promoted, and to keep his skilled job, he'll have to master his skills and upgrade his qualifications regularly.

The job-for-life tendency seems to have ceased to exist. The world is changing rapidly: specialists of your profession are in great demand now, but soon you may find the job market has changed, and you may need to obtain another qualification to avoid being left behind.

It's obvious that a person who has a full time job can’t give it up in order to attend classes. The internet is the resource which enables people to combine work and study. Online courses provide vast opportunities in education and development to everyone, regardless of their age, job, and location. Jason Underwood believes that the technological advantages of distant education are evident and it will soon replace the old model of education with its compulsory lecture and seminar attendance. "If you do an online course," he says, "you can just log on, i.e. enter the educational resource by typing your login, and listen to the lecturer, or read the printed version of the lecture. You have access to lots of audio and video topic-related clips and you can watch them again and again. You can record them for later use in case you wish to run through them for your exam. And if anything needs clarification or if you've got questions, you can apply to your tutor or the lecturer via the e-mail. And even when it's time to sit your course exam, there's often no need to come to the real classroom — you can submit assignments and take exams via the internet."

Access to libraries without commuting and studying at a convenient time is a real advantage for students of any ages, and absolutely vital for adult students. Though not all distance courses are run quite effectively yet, in regard to lifetime education the concept of lectures and tutorials held entirely in the classroom has already gone.

1. Jason Underwood says that to survive in the competition people should

a) upgrade the electronic equipment regularly.

b) watch how their competitors are doing.

c) upgrade their professional knowledge.

2. The author of the article believes that the job market

a) is expanding rapidly in all professional fields.

b) tends to offer opportunities for anyone.

c) is getting more dynamic and less predictable.

3. The author of the article believes that

a) all age groups will benefit from the internet-based learning.

b) younger generation will benefit from the internet-based learning most.

c) the senior professionals will benefit from distant learning most.

4. Jason Underwood believes that distant courses

a) will be used instead of face-to-face classes.

b) cannot be used by schoolchildren or young learners.

c) will make a part of traditional model of education.

5. The main advantage of distant courses in Mr Underwood's opinion is that

a) students have permanent access to all the materials.

b) students can communicate with the teacher via e-mail.

c) students don't have to sit their exams in the classroom.

6. The author believes that

a) classroom education has no alternative.

b) people are ready to accept electronic innovations.

c) the time of distant learning hasn’t come yet.


2) Fill in the gaps with one of the alternatives below.

I was only six when my Mum (1) _________me to school. Most of my schoolmates were over seven that's why she worried about me. However, I (2)____________ to be a good mixer and got on very well with everyone. I suspect that I owe my popularity with the schoolmates and later with the colleagues to my gift for martial arts. I (3)___________ in karate since five and still practice it regularly. I (4)_____________ in karate competition in Moscow and in Tokyo in the 90s. Naturally, its not easy now (5)____________ the sport regularly, as I have a nine-to-six job, and a pair of little kids, who (6) _____________lots of time and care too. Along with that I took up a university course a couple of years ago, as I needed to update my qualifications. It resulted in having all my Saturdays (7) ________ by lectures and seminar preparations. To do everything on time, I schedule my day very carefully. I have a special agenda for my university and it helps keep track of exams and long-term assignments. In spite of the busy life style, I never (8) _________about it.

1 a) bring b) brought c) had brought d) has brought

2 a) appear b) appeared c) have appeared d) had appeared

3 a) 'm b) was c) 've been d) 'd been

4 a) participate b) participated c) ‘ve participated d) 'd participated

5 a) do b) to be done c) to do d) to be doing

6 a) require b) requires c) requiring d) is required

7 a) occupy b) to occupy c) occupying d) occupied

8 a) don't complain b) complaining c) complain d) was complaining

3) Fill in the blanks in the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Gordon and Emily have been married (0) (marry) for fifty years. Gordon smiled when he ___ (1) (be asked) how they … (2) (meet). He began to tell me about a dance hall in Croydon where he used to go in his twenties. Emily … (3) (break in) and … (4) (remind) him that it wasn’t in Croydon, it was in Purley. Gordon agreed that it … (5) (be, not) in Croydon, but insisted that it … (6) (be, not) been in Purley either.

4) Fill in the gaps with any appropriate word. You should use only one word for a gap.

evoke martial advance identity folk punctual 

1 — What nation do you think is the most (1)______?

 I don't know. Germans, I believe, do everything on time, and they tend to plan everything in (2)______. A German friend once told me that careful planning is a part of their national (3)____

2 — I've bought a CD with a computer game. I think Julian will be glad to have it as a birthday present.

 I'm not sure. He does (4)_____ arts very seriously, and prefers physical exercise .

3. — Some people believe that (5)______ music is old-fashioned, and the younger generation don't need it.

Unlike classical or folk music, pop songs don't make people think and don't (6)______ any strong feelings. The lyrics are silly and impersonal and are aimed at teenagers.

Variant II


1) Read the text and choose the correct answer.

When Louise Roberts was eighteen, she began to feel pain in her joints. Within six months, she was in so much pain that it was like walking on glass. Just pulling up a zip brought tears to her eyes. The worst thing was that she was too weak to play the violin. She had been playing since the age of seven and had planned to become a professional. Louise's doctor told her she had arthritis, a condition which makes the joints become painful. Louise was forced to give up playing the violin to avoid damaging her joints, and given pain killer drugs, which she still takes.

A year after the diagnosis she went to university to do teacher training. It was upsetting for Louise to listen to other students practicing their instruments, knowing she could not play her beloved violin. She begged her mother to sell it, but her mother would not.

Teacher training was tough. Standing for long periods made her knees and feet ache, especially in cold weather. There were times when she felt she couldn't cope with it. Nevertheless she has now got a job in a primary school teaching a class of five year olds. She also plays the piano in school hall. Her fingers are still stiff at that hour of the morning, and she misses lots of notes but the children don't seem to mind.

After four years away from her violin Louise has just started teaching a ten-year-old boy to play. Before the arthritis started, she used to play in a symphony orchestra, and she still dreams that one day she will perform on stage again.

Louise's condition has improved, partly because of the drugs, but also because, since visiting an allergy clinic, she has changed her diet completely. She has cut out all wheat, dairy products, beef and pork. Even so, her energy is limited and there are times when she is so tired that she has to stay in bed all weekend. She envies healthy people sometimes.

On the plus side however, she is more determined than most to get the best from life. She's also been taking singing lessons, as arthritis doesn't affect the voice, and as a result has achieved a higher standard in singing.

1. When Louise tried to get dressed...

a. she could do it easily.

b. her mother had to help her.

c. it wasn’t so painful that she didn’t cry.

d. it was like walking on glass.

2. Why does Louise play the piano badly at school hall?

a. She can't concentrate.

b. Her joints can’t move freely.

c. She hasn’t woken up yet

d. She doesn't care about it

3. Louise occasionally wishes she was not disabled because

a. she has to spend every weekend in bed.

b. she can’t eat cheese and yoghurt.

c. she doesn't like staying in bed.

d. she gets so tired.

4. Why did Louise want her mother to sell her violin?

a. She needed the money.

b. She didn't know how to play it

c. She wanted to buy a better one.

d. She was unable to play it

5. What is Louise's strong desire?

a. to team to drive.

b. to play music in public.

c. to teach the violin.

d. to act


2) Fill in the gaps with one of the alternatives below.

On Saturday at about 9 pm I was walking home from a party and (1)__________ two guys talking to Jimmy. They didn't sound (2)_____________ friendly. Jimmy is in his early teens and he lives next door to me, so no wonder that I got interested. Those two were apparently (3)___________ money.

Jimmy objected with (4)_________but I sensed that he was very scared. 1 approached them and demanded to know what (5)__________ .One of the guys said that he knew me as he (6) my photo in the local newspaper. They mocked at me calling me the Chess King and threatened that they (7) __ the chessboard on my square head, if I didn't clear off at once. Naturally, I felt (8)_______ at the way they talked to me. I really had a chess kit with me and it stuck out of my rucksack. It is true that I (9)______ the title of the Chess King when I won the regional chess competition. However, the guys probably didn't read the newspaper regularly. Otherwise, they would have been aware of some other competition —the regional karate tournament — after which I was entitled to wear the black belt...

1 a) noticed b) was noticing c) had noticed d) had noticed

2 a) obviously b) particularly c) unexpectedly d) surprisingly

3 a) asking for b) demanding c) declaring d) claiming

4 a) delight b) honesty c) surprise d) dignity

5 a) was going on b) is going on c) will be going on d) would be going on

6 a) saw b) has seen c) had seen d) would see

7 a) will smash b) would smash c) have smashed d) had smashed

8 a) enthusiastic b) awkward c) concerned d) indignant

9 a) was awarded b) awarded c) award d) would be awarded

3) Fill in the blanks in the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Gordon and Emily have been married (0) (marry) for fifty years. Gordon smiled when he ___ (1) (be asked) how they … (2) (meet). He began to tell me about a dance hall in Croydon where he used to go in his twenties. Emily … (3) (break in) and … (4) (remind) him that it wasn’t in Croydon, it was in Purley. Gordon agreed that it … (5) (be, not) in Croydon, but insisted that it … (6) (be, not) been in Purley either.

4) Fill in the gaps with any appropriate word. You should use only one word for a gap.

plan as mature response down evoke

1 — I can't manage so many different tasks and activities at the same time. It's utterly impossible! — There's nothing impossible there. If you say that you are (1)________ enough to control your life yourself, you have to be responsible and able to (2)______your time.

2 — Allan looks a bit (3)_____. What's wrong?

I didn't mean any offense. Honestly. But I wasn't able to (4) _______a laugh when he was talking about time management. To talk about planning time, when he's never on time himself!

3 — That new cafe looks nice, doesn't it? Have you been there?

Yes. They've opened it in (5) _______to local demand, (6) ______people need a place where they can have a quick and cheap lunch.


Variant 1

Task 1 – 1c 2a 3a 4a 5a 6b

Task 2 – 1b 2b 3c 4b 5c 6a 7d 8c

Task 3

was asked

had met

broke in


wasn’t/hadn’t been

wasn’t/hadn’t been

Task 4







Variant 2

Task 1 – 1d 2b 3c 4d 5b

Task 2 – 1a 2b 3b 4d 5a 6c 7b 8d 9 a

Task 3

was asked

had met

broke in


wasn’t/hadn’t been

wasn’t/hadn’t been

Task 4







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