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Итоговая контрольная работа 6 класс

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


1.Read the text.

London has many parks and gardens. The best known are Hyde Park, Regent's Park and St. James's Park. They are all within easy reach of the center of London. Hyde Park is a royal park since 1536. It was once part of the forest where Henry VIII hunted wild animals. Hyde Park now has 1-16 hectares of the parkland, and people are allowed to walk or sit and lie on the grass. The Serpentine is a lake in the middle of the park. In summer you can swim you in the Serpentine or go out in a boat. It is a custom for some people to swim in it on Christmas Day. Hyde Park is famous for its Speaker's Corner, where people go when they want tell other people about their political opinions. Regent's Park is in the north-west of London. It is the home of the London Zoo. There are more then 6 thousand animals and birds in the Zoo. One can reach the Zoo by boat that goes along the Regent's canal. In summer one can visit an open-air theatre ahd enjoy a play by Shakespeare. There are also children's playgrounds and tennis courts. St. James's Park is the oldest and the smallest of the royal parks. It is near Buckingham Palace. There is a lake in St. James's Park which is famous for its pelicans. Hundreds of people who work in the offices nearby come to this park to rest and eat their lunch.

2.Answer the questions.

  1. What is the text about?

  2. Regent's Park is a royal park, isn't it?

  3. What do some people do in the lake in the Hyde Park on Christmas Day?

  4. Where is the London Zoo?

  5. Where can you see the pelicans?

3.Choose the correct question to the sentence.

He saw this film last Friday.

  1. Does he see this film last Friday?

  2. Did he see this film last Friday?

  3. Is he see this film last Friday?

  4. Has he seen this film last Friday?

4.Write some more questions to this sentence (4).

5.Choose the correct form.

  1. They usually … games after school.

a) are playing

b) play

c) plays

  1. He … already.

a) has gone

b) went

c) have gone

  1. Some boys and girls … now.

    1. dance

    2. are dancing

    3. danced

4. Why … you absent yesterday?

  1. are

  2. were

  3. did

5. There … a new computer at school.

  1. isn't

  2. is no

  3. haven't

  1. It's two o'clock. I … in an hour.

a) come

  1. am

  2. shall come

  1. Did you … the film yesterday?

a) watch

b) watched

c) have watched

  1. If I … time, I'll come.

a) have

b) shall have

c) had

6. Find the verb in Passive. Translate into Russian.

1. Football is played all over the world.

2. This film was much spoken about.

3. The windows have been shut by the pupil on duty.

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