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Итоговая контрольная работа 5 класс И. Н.Верещагина

  • Иностранные языки

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Итоговая комплексная работа для 5 классов с углубленным изучением англ. языка

  1. Выберите Past Simple или Past Continuous.

  1. . you …. at 8 o’clock today?

  1. Were … sleeping b. Did …. Sleep

  1. . she …. you about that task?

  1. Wasn’t …. telling b. Didn’t …. Tell

  1. While I … , they …. billiards.

  1. Was sleeping; were playing

  2. Slept; played

  3. Was sleeping; played

  1. When I …. into the room, he …. .

  1. Was coming; was crying

  2. Came; cried

  3. Came; was crying

  1. . he …. regularly?

  1. Was training b. Did …. Study

  1. Соотнесите первую и вторую части.

  1. He used to get up early in the morning ….

  2. Our family used to go to the Black Sea ….

  3. She didn’t use to check his homework ….

  4. We didn’t use to see each other very often ….

  5. I used to help her ….

  1. Because he always did everything perfectly.

  2. Only if she couldn’t do without my help.

  3. When he had a dog.

  4. Because we lived too far.

  5. Every summer.

  1. Выберите правильный ответ.

  1. What part wasn’t finished?

  1. No, it wasn’t.

  2. We just didn’t have enough time.

  3. Only the second one. The first and the third parts were completed.

  1. When was it changed?

  1. It could change all our life.

  2. Nobody knows exactly.

  3. Excuse me, can you change 50 dollars into pounds?

  1. Oh, it looks as if these chairs are made of glass!

  1. They are made in China. A lot of things are made in China now.

  2. Would you like a glass of cold water?

  3. But they really are! Be careful1 Don’t jump at them!

  1. Why wasn’t it done in time?

  1. Yes, it was.

  2. Sorry, but we just didn’t have enough time.

  3. What time was it?

  1. What was built earlier – that church or all the buildings around it?

  1. Let’s find some information about it.

  2. I came much earlier.

  3. Earlier” means “before”.

  1. Вставьте пропущенные слова: saved, careful, knowledge, among, respect.

  1. He …. the child but nobody knows his name.

  2. Remember it! It’s very important …. !

  3. Oh, be …. ! It’s too cold and windy today!

  4. You should …. their feelings.

  5. He is the best one …. all of them.

5. Подберите правильный ответ.

1. My sister sings rather well.

2. I am happy today.

3. We talked much about it.

4. We will come a bit later.

5. Our parents are coming back!

a. So am I.

b. So will I.

c. So did we.

d. So are ours.

e. So am I.

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