Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыИтоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 класс

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 7 класса

I.      Listening.

Listen to an interview between a restaurant manager and a student and complete the form as you are the interviewer who asks the questions.

New words:

to apply – обращаться с просьбой, с заявлением

a waiter –  официант

a shift –  смена

I dont mind – мне все равно

Happy Chicken

Restaurant Group

Employee Interview Form

Name: a……………………………….

Age: b……………………………….

Job wanted: c………………………………….

Shift preferred: d     7am-3pm/3pm-11pm/any

Start date: e………………………………………

Contact phone number: f……………………………………..

Best time to contact: g……………………………………………


II.   Reading.

 Read the following text.

Hard work and no money

Every year thousands of young people in Britain finish school and then take a year off before they start work or go to University. Some young people go to another countries and work as volunteers. Volunteers give their time to help people – for example, they work in schools or hospitals, or they help with conservation.

Pauline Jones, 18, lives in Cardiff, Wales. Next year she wants to go to University to study Spanish, but now she is living in Belize. Pauline says, “I’m working with other people here to protect the coral reefs in the sea near Belize. The reefs here are beautiful, but if the sea water is very polluted, the coral dies. I’m helping to do research on the coral and the fish that live around the reefs. All over the world, coral reefs are dying. We need to do something about the problem before it’s too late.

I’m staying with a family here and I help with the cooking and the cleaning. I don’t get any money, but that’s OK. I love my work here, and I’m learning a lot about the people of Belize – and myself!. When I finish my work, I want to stay here for another three months. I want to travel around Belize and Central America”.


a). Mark the statements T (true) or F (false).

1) Pauline comes from Belize. £

2) Pauline wants to save the coral reefs. £

3)     Young people in Britain go to University just after they finish school. £

4)     Pauline is studying the fish in the sea near Belize. £

5)      Pauline is unhappy because she doesn’t get any money. £

6)     Pauline wants to go home when she finishes her work. £

7)     Pauline thinks people need to help the coral reefs. £


b). Turn the following sentences into negative.        

1)     Young people take a year off after school.


2)     Pauline is living in Belize.


3)     I’m helping to do research on the fish around the reefs.


4)     I want to travel around Belize.


5)     She wants to go to University to study Spanish.


III.            Vocabulary and grammar.


Complete the sentences.

1)     ..... you at school last week?

a)      Was        b) Were           c) Are

2)     When we .... the office, it ...... .

a)      left, was raining               b) were leaving, was raining       c) left, rained

3)     It .... a small car, but it .... four doors.

a)      is, is           b) has, is              c) is, has

4)     Give the book to .... .

a)      her            b) she                c) hers

5)     Flying is ..... than driving.

a)      the quicker            b) quicker              c) the quickest

6)     They work ... night.

a)      on                     b) at                  c) in

7)     When we were children, our parents .... family problems with us.

a)      discussed             b) found                  c) thought

8)     She was born twenty-five years ... in a small village.

a)      since              b) before                c) ago

9)     You have to be a very good .... to get a job as a chef..

a)      cooker             b) cookery              c) cook

10) If you are hot, you  can take .... your jacket.

a)      off                b) on                      c) away

11) You’re having a test next week, .....? 

a)      don’t you?               b) are you?            c) aren’t you?

12)We haven’t got .... money.

a)      much                    b) many           c) more

13)The ..... of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

a)      protect                b) protection                   c) protective

14)She lives in …. Rome with her family.

a)      -                 b) the               c) a

15)Her hair …. lovely!

a)      are               b) is             c) it’s



IV.            Use of English.

Complete these sentences by using the correct word from the box. There is an extra word     which you do not need to use.

In a Language School.

water                 subjects                 exciting            four                problems                        love

          making              teacher                 boring              summer                       learning                                  


Fourteen-year-old Andy, who is from Korea, lives in France. He is (1) ___________________________ French and is also studying English. What’s it like for him?   “I (2)__________________________ living here,” says Andy, “and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve lived here my whole life and not for only (3)__________________________years. I’m not usually very good at (4)_________________________ friends, but everyone here is so nice that I’m not having any (5)__________________________. If I don’t understand an exercise at school, I ask the (6)_________________________ or one of my friends to help me with it, and they always do. I enjoy most of the (7)_____________________________ we do at school, but I’m not very fond of history. It’s a bit (8)_________________________! Another thing I like about living here is that I’m able to do lots of (9)___________________________ sports, like swimming and water-skiing. I’m really looking forward to my (10)_______________________________________ holidays this year because I want to learn windsurfing!”




I.       a) Tom Baker

      b) 19

      c) waiter

      d) any

      e) two(Saturday and Sunday)

      f) Saturday 18th

      h) 559304

      i) 5-8 pm                                     (8 б.)

II. a)   1-F






7-T                                                 (7 б.)

   b)  1. Young people don’t take a year off after school.

2.    Pauline isn’t living in Belize.

3.    I’m not helping to do research on the fish around the reefs.

4.    I don’t want to travel around Belize.

5.    She doesn’t want to go to University to study Spanish.                          (5 б.)


III.          1-b

          2- a













          15-b                                                     (15 б.)


IV.      1- learning   

             2- love

             3-  four

       4- making

       5- problems

       6- teacher

       7- subjects

       8- boring  

       9- water

       10- summer                                        (10 б.)


Итого: 45 балла

41-45 б. – «5»

31-40 б. – «4»

23-30 б. – «3»

22 б. и меньше – «2»



Welcome to the Happy Chicken!

Kevin: Come in!... Hello, yes… take a seat. Now, you are…?

Tom: Tom… Tom Baker.

Kevin: Tom Baker. OK. My name is Kevin Bird, Tom, and I’m going to interview you today.

Tom: Hi!

Kevin: Now then, how old are you, Tom?

Tom: Nineteen.

Kevin: OK. And what job are you applying for?

Tom: Waiter. Just a normal waiter.

Kevin: OK. Now we have two shifts, that’s seven to three or three to eleven in the evening. Do you have any preference?

Tom: No, I don’t mind. But I can only work Saturday and Sunday.

Kevin: That’s OK, Tom. Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days! Are you available from next Saturday?

Tom: Sure! That’s the eighteenth, right?

Kevin: Yes, Saturday the eighteenth. Great. But first can you tell me if you have any experience? Our standards are pretty high here at the Happy Chicken.

Tom: Well, last summer I worked for MacDonald’s… for three months.

Kevin: Right. How about as a waiter, though?

Tom: Oh, I worked over New Year in a local restaurant near my parents’ home.

Kevin: Oh yes? And did you enjoy it?

Tom: Sure, it was OK. I speak Spanish and there were lots of Spanish tourists, so I got good tips!

Kevin: Great! So you speak Spanish. Excellent. Well, there are still some other candidates so can you just give me your phone number and I’ll be in touch?

Tom: Yes. It’s 559304.

Kevin: 559304. OK. Oh! When is the best time to contact you?

Tom: Evenings, between 5 and 8, I think.

Kevin: Fine. Well, thanks very much for coming, Tom. See you again!

Tom: Thank you, Mr Bird.

Kevin: Call me Kevin!

Tom: Oh, thanks. Bye then.














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