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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

  1. Listen to the text and choose the correct answer.

  1. Where does Mary live?

  1. in the forest b) in the house c) on a farm

  1. What is Mary’s favourite animal?

  1. a sheep b) a horse c) a cow

  1. What colour is her favourite animal?

  1. white b) brown c) grey

  1. What is its name?

  1. Sun b) Cloud c) Snow

  1. Who is in the playground?

  1. a dog b) a horse c) a cat

  1. Read the text and match the parts of the sentences.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It has a long history. It is always on the fourth Thursday of November. People have a lot to do before the holiday. Peter and his family like this day very much. Peter’s father buys a big fat turkey. Mother cooks the turkey and a lot of other tasty things. Peter’s mother is good at cooking. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because it is a family holiday. Peter’s grandparents come to see them on this day. First they go to church and thank God. Then they have a traditional family dinner. They eat roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream. Peter doesn’t like pumpkin pie but he likes chocolate ice-cream.

  1. Thanksgiving is…

  2. This holiday is always on the…

  3. Peter’s father buys…

  4. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because…

  5. Mother cooks…

  6. Peter’s grandparents…

  7. Peter doesn’t like…

  1. 4th Thursday of November.

  2. come to see them on this day.

  3. pumpkin pie.

  4. it is a family holiday.

  5. the turkey and a lot of other tasty things.

  6. a big fat turkey.

  7. an American holiday.

  1. Fill in the gapes.

  1. My father ___ a driver.

  1. am b) is c) are

  1. The children ___ with their grandmother.

  1. am b) is c) are

  1. Alice is doing ___ homework.

  1. her b) our c) your

  1. Do you live with ___ parents?

  1. her b) our c) your

  1. Moscow is famous for ___ museums.

  1. her b) my c) its

  1. ___ Sunday we don’t go to school.

  1. at b) on c) in

  1. I usually get up ___ half past seven.

  1. at b) on c) in

  1. His daughter ___ a computer.

  1. have got b) has got c) got

  1. We ___ bicycles.

  1. have got b) has got c) got

  1. A mouse is ___ than a cow.

  1. small b) smaller c) the smallest

  1. Kate is ___ in our class.

  1. young b) younger c) the youngest

  1. Today is ___ day.

  1. nice b) nicer c) the nicest

  1. My friends ___ to school every day.

  1. go b) goes c) are going

  1. Kate ___ watch TV in the evening.

  1. don’t b) isn’t c) doesn’t

  1. Look! The children ___ football there.

  1. play b) is playing c) are playing

  1. Choose the correct word.

  1. My father’s mother lives in Tula. My ___ is a doctor.

  1. dad b) granny c) grandpa

  1. Ann has a very interesting ___. She likes horse-riding.

  1. secret b) subject c) hobby

  1. I ___ my birthday with my family.

  1. celebrate b) invite c) decorate

  1. We don’t go to school on ___.

  1. Sunday b) Monday c) Friday

  1. I’m going to the USA. – You are going to need your warm ___: sweaters, a winter jacket and a warm cap.

  2. Summer ___ start in June.

  1. school b) subjects c) holidays

  1. London is the ___ of England.

  1. country b) capital c) museum

Приложение 1

Listen to the text

Mary and her family live on a farm. They have a lot of animals there: sheep, cows, chickens and horses. Every morning before school, Mary goes to see her white horse, Snow. She gives her some bread to eat for breakfast, then she says goodbye and goes to school. But last Tuesday, she didn’t close Snow’s door carefully when she went to see her. During her Maths lesson, Mary looked out of the window. There was Snow! “Look!” said the teacher. “There is a horse in the playground!” The children laughed. After the class, Mary rode home on Snow.

Приложение 2

Критерии оценивания

За каждое верно выполненное задание учащийся получает 1 балл.

За неверный ответ выставляется 0 баллов.

За пропуск задания с выбором ответа учащийся получает 0 баллов.

Максимальное количество баллов за выполнение заданий контрольной работы – 34.

Если в результате выполнения всей контрольной работы ученик набрал менее 17 баллов – «неудовлетворительно»;

от 18 до 24 баллов – «удовлетворительно»;

от 25 до 30 баллов – «хорошо»;

от 31 до 34 баллов – «отлично».

Оценка знаний:

«5» – за 90-100% правильно выполненных заданий;

«4» – за 73-89% правильно выполненных заданий;

«3» – за 51-72% правильно выполненных заданий;

«2» менее 50 % правильно выполненных заданий.

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