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"Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку"

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Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку для 4- х классов

1.Match the words. Соедини слова.

a) Learn questions b) stand from … to…

Speak songs translate down

Sing English count from… into…

Answer by heart sit up

2. Прочитай текст. Раскрой скобки и поставь глаголы в Past Simple

Last Sunday Ann (get)… up at 10 a.m. She… (Wash) her face and hands, (clean) … her teeth. Then she … (make) her bed.

At eleven o clock Ann… (Help) her mother to lay the table. She … (have) breakfast with her mum and dad. After breakfast Ann… (Water) the flowers and… (Feed) her pets.

  1. Прочитай текст и выполни задания.

Hello! My name is Tom. I am from Great Britain. I live with my mum, dad and little sister Becky. My birthday is on the 21 st of May. My favourite sport is tennis. I like to play tennis with my friends. But I cannot swim. I am very energetic!

We have got two parrots and a cat, but I would like to have a dog. We like to take a photo of our pets.

I live in Oxford. There are many new and old houses and bridges in Oxford. There are a lot of cars in the streets. I often visit my grandma. She lives in the country. There is a green garden with red and blue flowers next to her house. There are green fields and white sheep in the country.

I think Russia is a beautiful country. So I want to visit Russia next summer.

1. Закончи предложение, выбрав один вариант из трёх предложенных.

1) Toms birthday is…

a) on the 21 st of March

b) on the 21 st of May

b) on the 21 st of April

2. Выбери правильные ответы на вопросы.

1) Where does Tom live?

a) He lives London

b) He lives in the USA

c) He lives in Oxford

2) What does Tom like?

a) He likes to swim

b) He likes to play tennis

c) He likes to play computer games

3) When is Tom’s birthday?

a) in spring

b) in winter

c) in summer

3.Выбери утверждение, которое не соответствует содержанию текста.

a) Tom would like to have a parrot and a cat

b) Tom would like to have a cat and a dog

c) Tom would like to have a dog

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