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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

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I. Fill in the gaps with must, may, can or can ’t.

  1. Helen’s dad is a fantastic cook! He knows so much about Chinese, Japanese, Italian and French

dishes. He be a chef.

  1. Jim knows nothing about engines and cars. He be a mechanic.

  2. Julian works for an international company. He says that no experience is necessary for his job

and that he has to travel a lot around the city. He be a message boy or

something like that.

  1. Everyone in the hospital respects James. People say he is very good at operating on

patients. He be a surgeon.

  1. This woman is always very neatly dressed and she knows how to get along with kids.

She be a teacher or a babysitter.

  1. She wears awful make-up and has no taste in clothes. She be a designer.

II. Make up questions from the words.

  1. often How does go to the gym your friend

  2. you Where did that shirt buy?

  3. ever been Have to a student camp you?

  4. money you have How much do on you?

  5. live Where relatives do your?

  6. Have been abroad you ever?

III. Match the questions to the replies.

1) Have you seen a new film made from a Boris Akunin novel?

2) Did you see a new educational programme “Spell Well” on Tuesday?

3) Have you joined our aerobics club?

4) Did you take part in the swimming competition everybody is talking about?

5) Do you enjoy our school discos?

6) Are you enjoying the disco?

a) Yes, I did. And I brought a friend to cheer for me.

b) Yes, I have. Do you think I can bring a friend with me next time?

c) No, I haven’t. Where is it on?

d) Yes, I do. But I can’t dance very well.That’s why most of the time T watch the others.

e) Yes, I am. It’s nice to watch people dancing so well.

f) No, I didn’t. Do you think it will be on TV again?

IV. Make up sentences using the words below. Then translate them into Russian.

  1. is The Circus by a lot of children visited and their parents

  2. was in 1941 founded The Musical Theatre

  3. of the Bolshoi Theatre built in 1825 was The building

  4. The Maly Theatre in 1756 founded was as the Moscow University Theatre

  5. Unona and Avos” been For many years staged at Lencom Theatre has

  6. has The famous play “The Revisor” been staged at the Maly Theatre since the nineteenth century

V. Read the description of the country and find three factual mistakes. Underline them

and correct the information. Consult the information table in Appendix 1 (p. 189 in Student's Book) if necessary.

The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Northern Island.

It is not a big country. It occupies the British Isles which lie off the north-west coast of Europe between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Northern Sea. The total area of the country is only 100 thousand square kilometres. It borders Ireland, and this is the only land border the country has. It also has sea borders with France, the Netherlands. Belgium, the Scandinavian countries and Canada. The British coast is only 35 kilometres from France and now these countries are linked by tunnel under the English Channel. The capital of the country is London and the major cities are: Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, and others.

If you look at a map of Great Britain, you'll see lowlands and highlands. The lowlands are mostly in England, in the central part of Scotland and in some areas in south Wales. The highlands are basically in the north. The highest peak in Great Britain is Ben Nevis — it’s 1,343 metres.

The most well known river in Great Britain is the Thames, because it is the longest river in the country. The largest lake in the United Kingdom is Lough Neagh. This freshwater lake is situated in the centre of Northern Ireland and supplies the whole area with drinking water.

Краткое описание документа:

Данная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 9-го класса составлена на основе федерального компонента государственного образовательного стандарта основного общего образования, примерной программы основного общего образования по английскому языку Английский язык.

Данная работа рассчитана на 40 минут и разработана на основе учебника Биболетова М.З. Английский язык: Английский с удовольствием / Enjoy English, книги для учителя и печатной рабочей тетради из этого же УМК. Так же следует отметить. что работа разноуровневая. На оценку "Удовлетворительно" достаточно верно выполняить 3 задания, на оценку "хорошо" - 4 и на "отлично" все 5 заданий теста.

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