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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 7 класса

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 7 класса

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

1. Choose the correct items.

1.Jane is writing a letter to a magazine. She ______________ it yet.

a) didn’t write b) isn’t writing c) hasn’t written

2. Where is Den? He ___________ for his pen-knife in his racksack.

a) is looking b) looks c) will look

3. Nick _________________ a computer game for two hours and he is still playing.

a) has played b) has been playing c) played

4. Greg usually _____________ for Jenny in the downtown.

a) waits b) waited c) has waited

5. Can I watch this film? It ________________ at 8 o’clock.

a) is going to start b) starts c) will start

6. There are ______________ desks in our classroom.

a) any b) some c) an

7. Im afraid there isn’t _______________ Coke left.

a) any b) no c) some

8. When Greg was a student , he ________________travel by train. Now he drives a car.

a) used to b) was c) has to

9. What _____________________________ at 3 o’clock yesterday?

a) did you do b) were you doing c) was you doing

10. How long_______________________ Ben ?

a) do you know b) have you known c) did you know

II.Fill in : never, since, ago, already, for, yet, now

11.They visited circus a month _______________.

12. She hasn’t typed three letters _______________.

13. Where is Fred? He has ___________ left.

14. I’ve studied Maths _____________ 2003.

15. Dad has driven this car __________ a year.

16. Tom has ___________ watched this film.

17. Children are writing an English test _________________.

III. Complete the sentences using fall apart/ behind/ out with.

  1. Tom and Sarah have _________ __________ because Tom broke Sarah’s favourite doll.

  2. Sorry, but this jar has ___________ ____________. I can try and glue the pieces.

  3. If you don’t complete the tasks on time you can start _____________ ____________ the group.

IV. Complete each sentence use reflexive pronouns.

  1. Tom cut __________ while he was cooking.

  2. Nick and Kate had a great time. They really enjoyed ___________.

  3. Watch out! This frying pan is very hot! Don’t hurt ___________.

  4. I think I should pay more attention to _______________.

  5. Who translated the text for you? – Nobody. I translated it ____________.

  6. Who told you that Sarah was getting married? – Linda told me ____________.

  7. Can you do the washing-up for me? – Why can’t you do it ______________.

  8. Did Tom’s father buy him an i-phone? – No, Tom did it _____________.

V,Complete the sentences. Use the prepositions: at, in, on, of, to

  1. Little Ann is fond _________ sport. She can skate very well.

  2. Are you afraid ____________ tests and exams?

  3. Sam didn’t go ________ university after school. He worked.

  4. We have five classes __________ Monday.

  5. The English pupils were surprised _______ some Russion traditions.

  6. What subjects are you interested ______?

to fall out/ argue with

Ссориться / спорить с


Брат или сестра

Move house

переезжать в другой дом

Lose sth valuable

потерять что-то ценное

to throw a party

Устроить вечеринку

Disagree with parents

не соглашаться с родителями

to sit exams

Сдавать экзамены

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