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ВНИМАНИЮ ВСЕХ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ: согласно Федеральному закону № 313-ФЗ все педагоги должны пройти обучение навыкам оказания первой помощи.

Дистанционный курс "Оказание первой помощи детям и взрослым" от проекта "Инфоурок" даёт Вам возможность привести свои знания в соответствие с требованиями закона и получить удостоверение о повышении квалификации установленного образца (180 часов). Начало обучения новой группы: 26 апреля.

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"Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса. По учебнику В. П. Кузовлев - English 8"


Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса.

  1. Listening Comprehension

Listen to the interviews of people from different countries. Match the speakers with their opinions. One opinion is extra. You’ll hear the interviews twice.

Speacker 1 A The British food is not delicious.

Speacker 2 B The British traffic rules seem to be strange.

Speacker 3 C The British don’t usually start a conversation with strangers.

Speacker 4 D The British like animals more than people.

E The British are not relaxed.

F The British queue too much.

G Today British people seem to be less formal.

H The British are people who keep their promises.

I The British always follow traffic rules.

J Tastes have become more varied because the British have many foreign food restaurants.

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II) Use of English (Vocabulary\Grammar)

  1. Word building. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

She doesn’t like company. She is unsociable. (sociable). He won the first prize in the science competition. He is very …………………………(invent). My grandpa gets very ……………………..(emotion) when he talks about the war. She is very ………………………..(music): she can play the piano and the guitar well. My trip to America was an ………………………(forget) experience. He is ……………………………(rely): he promises to do things but seldom keeps his word.

  1. Complete the sentences using the correct preposition or word.

  1. Don’t stare at (to\at) people.

  2. Don’t jump ___(-\into) the queue.

  3. Make way__ (for\to) older people.

  4. Give ___(up\in) your place in favour of older people.

  5. You can shake____(hands\ a hand) if you want to.

  6. Queue ___(in\at) line waiting___(for\-) service.

  1. Read a story. Complete the sentences using the Past Simple, the Past Progressive or the Present Progressive tense of the verb in brackets.

Once I (0) entered (to enter) an athletics competition which consisted of three different events – running, jumping and throwing. There (1)………….(to be) 17 other people in the competition. I (2)………………(to come) third so I (3) …………( to get) a bronze award. I (4)……………..(to feel) extremely proud of myself when I (5)…………….(to win) the award. Before the competition I (6)……………….(to practise) every day. I (7)…………………..(to train) really hard for the running event. Now I (8)……….(to train) for the next competition. I (9)…………(to hope) to get gold!

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  1. Reading Comprehension

Match the paragraphs (1-5) with the headings (A-F). There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. Write your answers in the table below.

A Cycling Club B Netball Glub C Gymnastic Club D Judo Club

E Athletics and Cross-Country Club F Canoe Club

1 The University is situated right by the river, so we can train regularly (we also have the use of a swimming pool in winter). We run day trips to the coast for surfing throughout the year and usually a longer trip once a term, for example this year we have been to the Lake District for White Water.

2 Do you enjoy touring or prefer the more energetic racing side? This is the club to join. The weekly Sunday rides are very popular. They are taken across the Norfolk countryside. Members are also offered the free use of a well equipped workshop and can find friendly and expert advice on all the aspects of bike repairing.

3 We are a large and friendly Club which trains twice a week. We have 2 teams taking part in the UAU Championships, and during the Spring Term play matches against local teams. There is also a Challenge Tournament towards the end of the season and the chance to buy our exclusive club sweatshirts and T-shirts.

4 we have a 400 m grass track, field event equipment and one of the finest middle- distance coaches around. Also, an international standard synthetic track has been built next to the University recently. The Club competes all year round, taking part in cross-country, road running, track and field and some fell-running; we are one of the most successful University teams.

5 It is the modern Olympic combat sport developed from the ancient arts of juijitsu. What is special about it? It is considered to be more than just a sport. It can help the individual to overcome day-to-day problems. It can be good therapy for students and can get them away from the worries and pressures of studying.






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  1. Writing. Imagine you visited London on holiday.

Write a letter to your foreign friend about the place and how you spent your time there. (letter writing; 150-180 words)


I) Listening Comprehension

Speacker 1 I, B

Speacker 2 D, H

Speacker 3 F, J

Speacker 4 C,E,G Extra- A

II) Use of English (Vocabulary\Grammar)

  1. 1 inventive

2 Emotional

3 Musical

4 Unforgettable

5 unreliable

  1. 1 –

2 for

3 up

4 hands

5 in\ for

  1. 1 were

2 came

3 got

4 felt

5 won

6 was practicing

7 trained

8 am training

  1. hope

  1. Reading Comprehension











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