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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 7 кл

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку

7 класс

1. Fill in the gaps with a/an, the or no article ( - )

  1. He can’t speak … German. If he goes to … Germany, he’ll need … translator.

  2. My … brother is … architect.

  3. USA bigger than … England.

  4. Caucasus separates … Black Sea from … Caspian Sea.

  5. Elbrus is … highest mountain in … Europe.

  6. Red Square, … Bolshoi Theatre and … Tsar Bell are in … Moscow.

  7. There are many small islands in … Pacific Ocean.

  8. Earth is not … biggest planet in … universe.

2. Put the adjectives in brackets in the right form.

1. Tom is (tall) …than Alice.

2. My dad is (old)…than my mum.

3. This flower is the (beautiful) in our garden.

4. They are the (happy)… family in the world.

5. Nick is the (good)… football player in our class.

6. A camping stove is (expensive) …than kettle.

3. Write your own sentences. Use as …as, not as…as

1. Maths /easy / History for me.

2. His backpack / light / mine.

3. Their camping stove / cheap / ours.

4. My torch / good / yours.

4. Match the nouns and the verbs.

1. to drop a. air

2. to cut down b. the environment

3. to breathe c. a bath

4. to drink d. forests

5. to have e. litter

6. to pollute f. water

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