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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку. 5 класс

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку (5 класс)

I Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный ответ (10 points)

It's Sunday afternoon and Kate and Sue are at Mary's birthday party. She's eight years old now. Some kids are dancing in the sitting room. Mary is opening a present at the moment. Patrick and Simon are in the kitchen. They are eating chocolate cake. Peter is playing a video game in Mary's bedroom. Kate and Sue like parties very much. Children have a lot of fun at parties.

1. It's … afternoon.                                        A) Sunday B) Saturday C) Monday

2. The girls are at … birthday party.              A) Sue's B) Mary's C)   Kate's

3. How old is Mary? … .                                 A) Eight B) Eighty C)   Seven

4. children are dancing.                             A) All B) Some C) Three

5. What is Mary opening? … .                      A) The door B) The present C) The box

6. Patrick and Simon are eating … .            A) cake B) sweets C)   biscuits

7. They are in the … .                                   A) kitchen B) living room C) bedroom

8. Peter is playing … .                                  A) a game B) the guitar C) a video game

9. Where is Peter? He is in the … .                A) kitchen B) bedroom C) living room

10. Who likes the parties very much? … .       A) Sue and Mary B) The boys C) Sue and Kate

II Выбери правильный ответ (6 points)

1 Where is Sally? She ……in the park now.   A) plays B)  is playing C) played

2 Ann …   to England very  soon.                   A) will go B) went  C) goes 

3 … she usually  watch TV in the morning?    A) Did B) Is  watching C) Does

4 My mother … milk with coffee.              A)  did not drink B)  is not drinking C) doesn't drink

5 Mary … her homework now.                       A) do B) does C) is doing

6 I … already … my homework. A) have … done B) am done C) did done

III Найди пару – противоположные значения и переведи выделенные слова (12 points)

  1. silly

  2. naughty

  3. rude

  4. non-athletic

  5. sociable

  6. usual

  1. polite

  2. clever

  3. quiet

  4. strong

  5. creative

  6. shy

IV Расставь слова в нужном порядке, чтобы получились предложения (5 points)

1 Last we  year London went to

2 summer Next she will to St Petersburg go

3. visited  dad his on Sunday He

4. is in working the She yard now

5. in/London/is/Big Ben.

V Соедини (1 слово лишнее) (6 points)

  1. This person is strong, athletic.

  2. This person solves problems with people’s teeth.

  3. This person drives cars.

  4. This person brings letters and postcards to people.

  5. This person takes care of sick people.

  6. This person takes care of sick animals.

    1. a vet

    2. a postman

    3. a dentist

    4. a driver

    5. sportsman

    6. a nurse

    7. fire-fighter










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