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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку. 7 класс

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку. 7 класс

I Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный ответ. (5 points)

Robert Baden-Powell was the man who founded the Scouting movement. He had a great military career. He got his training in India and Africa. Robert Powell was an officer in the war between the British and the Boers in South Africa. Here he became well-famous because he held a key town Mafeking, for 217 days against a big enemy force. He stood until another army group broke through the Boer lines. And the army group helped him and his men. 
Baden Powell came home to England as the greatest hero of the Boer war. He decided to use his fame and to help British boys to become better men.  He developed his ideas. He based them on his own experiences. Then he tasted them with a group of boys. He established the first Boy Scout camp in 1907. Then he published the book “Scouting for boys”. Thousands of boys bought it and decided to become Scouts. Soon Scouting spread in England and around the world.

1. Robert Baden-Powell was from ...

A) India. B) England.

2. He founded ...

A) the Scouting movement. B) the State university.

3. He became ... of his country  

A) the hero B) the enemy.

4. Robert Baden-Powell decided to help British ...

A) men B) boys.

5. The first Boy Scout camp was founded ... of the 20th century

A) in the beginning B)in the ending

II. Выберите правильный ответ (10 points)

1) He … his day off last year. 

A) spent B) spends C) spend 

2) They … tennis every week

A) plays B) play C) playing 

3) … my brother … a song tomorrow? 

A) Will… sang B) Will … sing C) Do … sing 

4) The houses … by people every year

A) Is build B) is built C) are built 

5) Our mum … already … a cake. 

A) has … cooked B) cooked C) is cooking 

6) Yuri Gagarin is a legendary … 

A) politician B) astronaut C) cosmonaut 

7) William Shakespeare was a great … 

A) American playwright B) Russian poet C) English writer 

8) My sister is a girl … is good at Maths

A) which B) who C) whom 

9) The show was … . I was … . 

A) boring, bored B) bored, boring 

10) Next year I … going to learn to play the piano.

A) is  B) am C) are

III Выберите правильный вариант: (19 points)

  1. It was … interesting film. a) a b) the c) an

  2. Mary’s English is … than her German. a) gooder b) better c) the best

  3. day last year was 12 July. a) the hottest b) hot c) hotter

  4. He saw film of the year. a) the popularest b) the most popular

  5. The Thames is not as … as the Enisey. a)longer b) long c) the longest

  6. Какой умный мальчик!-a) What a clever boy! b) How a clever boy! c) What clever boy!

  7. He English before he went to England. a) learnt b)had learnt c) learns

  8. environment a)окружающая среда b) мусор c)загрязнять

  9. litter a)окружающая среда b) мусор c) дышать

  10. to breathe a) дышать b) мусор c)загрязнять

  11. to pollute a) дышать b) мусор c)загрязнять

  12. I …not … my homework yet.

  1. have … done b) has … done c) did … do

  1. moon goes round … sun.

  1. the, the b) the, a c) a, the

  1. Which sea is larger … Baltic Sea or … Coral Sea?

  1. the, the b) a, a c) --, --

  1. He ... to play the piano when he was 10. a) used b) using c) was used

  2. ever, have, been, you, England, to? a) Have you ever been to England? b) You have ever been to England? c) Been you have ever England to?

  3. Pete, has, written, this, exercise, already? a) Already has Pete written this exercise? b) Pete has already written this exercise? c) Has Pete already written this exercise?

  4. Она пришла, когда он читал книгу. a) She came when he was reading a book. b) She comes when he was reading a book. c) She to come when he was reading a book.

  5. a penknife a). рюкзак b) фонарик c) перочинный ножик










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