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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку, 8 класс
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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку, 8 класс


Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса

I вариант


Сhoose the right one answer.

1. If I ___ you, I ___ buy this excellent car.

a) were/would

b) was/would

c) am/will

d) would be/would

2. If you ___to my home tomorrow, I ___ help you with your homework.

a) came/would

b) come/would

c) come/___

d) come/will

3. “1) ___Tuesday morning 2) ___the evening 3) ___ yesterday 4) ___ May 5) ___ 20th century 6) ___ midnight 7) ___ last Saturday 8) ___ the winter.

Find the correct prepositions.

a) on /in /_ / in / in /at /_ / in

b) in /in /_ / in / on / at / _ / in

c) on / in / at / at / in / on / in / at

d) on / on / in / _ / in / on /at / at

4. When did you ___ home last night?

a) got

b) get

c) gotten

d) slept

5. Look ___! There is a car coming.

a) for

b) at

c) out

d) in

6. Which one is grammatically correct?

a) Have you ever been in England?

b) Have you used ever this book?

c) She has drank some cola.

d) I have never sung.

7. “What is the weather like today? “

Which one is wrong answer to this question?

a) It is sunny.

b) It is very long.

c) It is changeable.

d) It is cloudy.

8. How long ___ she ___ English?

a) has/been studying

b) did/studied

c) do/study

d) is/study

9. These words are antonyms. Which one is not true?

a) once/twice

b) large/small

c) turn off/turn on

d) happy / sad

10. Which sentence is Present Perfect Continuous?

a) He has been on a swing on for three hours.

b) The film has been very boring for me.

c) It has been raining for almost four hours.

d) There has been a meeting in this room.


Make up 5-7 questions.

Sports in Great Britain.

National sports in Great Britain… This is a very interesting questions, because many kinds of sport have taken their origin in England.

Englishmen love sports, they are called sports-lovers in spite of the fact that some of them neither play games nor even watch them. They only like to talk about sports.

Some kinds of sports are professional in England. Popular and famous players have a lot of money.

Many traditional sporting contests take place in England, for example, cricket. It is played from May till September. This game is associated with England. There are many cricket clubs in this country. English people like to play cricket. They think that summer without cricket isn’t summer. Cricket is the English national sport in summer. If you want to play cricket you must wear white boots, a white shirt and long white trousers.

There are two teams. Each team has eleven players. Cricket is popular in boys schools. Girls play cricket too.

Now football is the most popular game in Britain. It is a team game. There are some amateur teams but most of the teams are professional ones in England. Professional football is a big business. Football is played at schools too. If we are talking about football we can mention an interesting fact about football in America, called soccer. The captain of the team must be the oldest or the best player.


Fill in: a, an, the.

I arrived at … airport just in time to see … aeroplane take off. There is nothing unusual about this, except that I was supposed to be on that plane! When I went to … desk to ask when … next available flight was, I heard … awful noise. I turned to see … car crashing through … front windows with … police car just behind. As I ran towards … departure gate … policeman stopped me to see if I was … armed robber they were chasing.

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