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Итоговая контрольная работа в 6 классе (УМК Биболетовой М.З.)

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Summary Test

Form 6

1. Fill in the appropriate article:

1. L. Carroll is … famous English writer.

2. London is the capital of … United Kingdom.

3. We went to the cinema yesterday. … film was dull.

4. My cousin is … best pupil in the school.

5. Would you like … cup of tea?

2. Fill in have or has:

1. The bird … just his wings.

2. … you ever been to Westminster Abbey?

3. My schoolmates … already joined the scientific society.

4. I … already done my homework.

5. My brother … just met his best friend at the zoo.

3. Choose the correct word:

1. Her (elder/older) sister has arranged a great party recently.

2. His little sister (take part/take care of) their pets.

3. Mr Johnson’s (home/house) is new and nice.

4. The naughty kid ran away from (nome/house).

5. Ann is (older/elder) than Tim.

4. Fill in the correct reflexive pronouns.

1. I’ll feed the hamster …

2. We took these pictures of endangered animals …

3. My friends are arranging the important conference …

4. Are you hungry? Please, help …

5. My dog goes for a walk by … .

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