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Итоговая лексико-грамматическая контрольная работа по английскому языку (5 класс)


Name___________________________________________ Form___________________

  1. Choose the right verb.

  1. _______ you __________ good time at school yesterday?

  1. Do…have b) Have… had c) Did…have

  1. We usually __________ different problems in the lesson.

  1. will discuss b) discuss c) discussed

  1. She _________ us about her trip to London tomorrow.

  1. will tell b) have told c) tells

  1. The doctor __________________________ me that I must drink a lot of water.

  1. just said b) is just saying c) has just told

  1. What _________ you __________ at the moment?

  1. have…done b) are…doing c) do…do

  1. She ______________ to go to Paris next summer.

  1. wants b) will want c) is wanting

  1. They ___________________ their house yet.

  1. didn’t sell b) aren’t selling c) haven’t sold

  1. We ___________ that test last month.

  1. did write b) have written c) wrote

  1. They ______________ visit us next year, because they _____________ to France.

  1. willn’t visit, will go b) won’t visit, will go c) won’t visit, go

  1. He always _______________ lies to everybody.

  1. tells b) tell c) is telling


  1. Put in say, tell, take part, take care of, take off, a piece of, a slice of, change, to change, for a change.

  1. He came home and _____________________ his shoes.

  2. He gave me ___________________ advice.

  3. Here’s your ___________________.

  4. Don’t _____________ anybody. It’s a secret.

  5. I decided __________________ my job.

  6. He didn’t _____________________ in this competition.

  7. I was so starving that I cut ______________ bread.

  8. She ________________ that she is not happy to live in this city.

  9. Let’s go to the cinema __________________.

  10. My mother always ______________________ our family.


  1. Open the brackets and put in an adjective in an appropriate degree.

  1. This river is ______________ than that one. (long)

  2. My house is ________________ in the street. (high)

  3. This camera is ______________, but that one is __________________.(expensive)

  4. Our Russian teacher is ___________________ in our school. (good)

  5. He is ____________pupil than his friend. (bad)

  6. That task is ____________________.(difficult) _______/6

  1. Choose the right word.

  1. She has got ____________ letters from her granny.

  1. a lot of b) many c) much

  1. There is ________ milk in the fridge. Would you buy some, please?

  1. a few b) a lot of c) a little

  1. He doesn’t have __________ friends at school.

  1. much b) a lot of c) many

  1. Do you have __________ free time?

  1. a lot of b) much c) many

  1. He is not good at English. He knows only ____________ words.

  1. a little b) many c) a few


  1. Complete the sentences with the question tags.

  1. You don’t like Maths, __________________?

  2. They will talk about it, _________________?

  3. She is the best pupil in class, _____________________?

  4. He hasn’t done his homework, ___________________?

  5. They aren’t very good neighbours, __________________?

  6. She went to the sea last summer, ____________________?


  1. Write down questions to the underlined words.

  1. She made a mistake in the test.


  1. They play games in the stadium.


  1. We usually have dinner at 7 pm.


  1. He has invited everybody to the party.


  1. That camera cost me a lot of money.



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