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Итоговая работа по теме "English Tenses"

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  1. Define the tense (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Future Simple, Present Perfect):

1) They will come home at six.

2) My elder sister has just come back.

3) We went to the football match two days ago.

4) We are discussing a difficult problem now.

5) He cleaned his room in the morning.

6) I was playing computer games when my friend came.

7) He goes swimming every Sunday.

8) The teacher will speak to them after the lessons.

9) We have not been to Spain yet.

10) Patrick ate all the vegetables.

  1. Make the sentences negative. Ask general questions.

1) Mary ate some cakes.

2) I like cheese sandwiches for lunch.

3) My friends are dancing over there.

4) Kate made a lot of mistakes in her test.

5) My parents were having dinner when I came back.

6) John will phone me in a day.

7) The pupils have done Exercise 5 already.

8) They phoned their parents on Tuesday.

9) Tim is answering the teacher’s questions at present.

10) My sister was in hospital.

11) Sam is reading an interesting book.

12) The film finishes at six o’clock in the evening.

  1. Write down the second form of the verbs.

to keep

to teach

to think

to draw

to begin

to give

to love

to cry

to understand

to send

to hear

to choose

to study

to learn

to watch

to tell

to carry

to buy

to play

to do

  1. Open the brackets and put the verb into the correct tense form.

  1. I (not to like) apples.

  2. When I (to come) home yesterday, my brother (to sleep).

  3. What your brother (to do) tomorrow?

  4. At six o’clock yesterday we (to listen) to a very interesting lecture.

  5. Where you (to be) yesterday? – I (to be) at home the whole day.

  6. How old you (to be) on your next birthday? – I (to be) twenty.

  7. Ann often (to stay) at home in the evenings.

  8. That shop (to sell) office furniture, but it (not to sell) typewriters.

  9. Look out of the window. It (to rain)?

  10. I (to be) born in Novopolotsk in 1989.

  11. Where your father (to work)? – He (to work) in an office.

  12. I (not to go) to the shop yesterday. I (to go) there tomorrow.

  13. Yesterday the boss (to enter) the office at half past nine.

  14. When I (to enter) the office, the secretary (to type) letters.

  15. When the secretary (to come) tomorrow?

  1. Find the mistakes and correct them.

  1. Do you like the party yesterday?

  2. What did Mr. White said to his students?

  3. Did you like the play? – No, I not.

  4. Cathy were a good student.

  5. He doesn’t playing computer games at the moment.

  6. She has a bath at the moment.

  7. Paula always buy food in this shop.

  8. Maria didn’t came to the University yesterday.

  9. I am having got a new car.

  10. They shall to visit a dentist next week.

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