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Итоговые контрольные работы за 1 семестр. 6 класс

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Now, we’re ready to start.

 My name is Alan Brown. I’m a waiter. I work at a hotel near Loch Ness. I live in a cottage near the hotel. I finish work in the hotel at one o'clock in the morning. Then I walk home with two friends. They work at the hotel, too.

One night in 2005 I worked late. I finished work at two o'clock. I walked home alone, because my friends were already at home. It was a clear night and there was a full moon.

While I was on my way to my cottage, something happened. Something appeared in the lake. It was large and black. I stopped and looked at it. The thing moved along the lake. I watched it for about a minute. Then I hurried to my cottage and grabbed my camera.

But when I returned to the lake, there was nothing there.

I'm sure it was the Loch Ness monster. It was Nessie. I know it was.

Task1. Прочитайте предложения и определите верное (T), неверное (F) или в тексте нет информации (NS).

  1. The boy’s name is Mark Brown.

  2. He is nineteen.  

  3. He works at a hotel near London.  

  4. He finishes work in the hotel at one o'clock in the morning.

  5. He likes his job.

  6. One night he worked late and walked home alone, because his friends were already at home.

  7. He’s sure it was the Loch Ness monster.

Task2. Ответьте на вопросы.

A What is the boy's name?

B What year was it?

C Where was he?

D What is the story about?



 Richard: I usually work in England but sometimes I work abroad too. When I'm not working I like going to the cinema and eating in nice restaurants. I'm not very sporty and I don't do any exercise, but I don't smoke. I think I'm open and friendly - I get on well with most people - but I'm sometimes quite shy too. For example, I don't like going to parties. I prefer to meet friends individually or in small groups.

I like intelligent, funny girls who make me laugh, and ideally who love music. Physically I prefer girls with dark hair who are not taller than me. And I like girls who are good listeners.

I'm sure that my friend Danny knows me better than my family because we often talk about girlfriends and the problems we have. I don't usually talk to my family about this kind of thing. My mum always says that I look for the wrong girl but that's what mothers always say!

Task.Отметьте верные (T) и неверные (F) предложения.

1 He sometimes travels with his job.

2 He's friendly and extrovert.

3 He likes music and parties.

4 He prefers girls who are shorter than him.

5 He likes girls who talk a lot.

6 He doesn't talk to his family about girls.

7 His mother doesn't think he's good at choosing girlfriends.

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Arrange phrases of telephone conversation in a correct order.
- Yes, he has.
- Hi. It’s Jane here. Can I speak to Mark, please?
- OK. Bye then.
- Sure. Has he got your number?
- Yes, please – can you ask him to ring me?
- Thanks. Bye.
- No, I’m sorry – he isn’t in. Can I take a message?

Speak about New Year holidays (8-10 sentences).

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Write а short story (8-10 sentences) about your family or about your friend.

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Use of English

Task 1

Choose the right variant

1.Hi! What`s_____________?

A you name B your name C the name D name

2.Mr Green is _________English teacher.

A our B us C we D you

3. The Pyramid of the Sun is ___________Mexico.

A from B on C in D at

4.He goes skiing __________winter.

A very B ever C every D always

5. Look at __________airplane in the sky! It`s very big!

A these B this C it D that

6.What time do you _________get up on school days?

A used B usual C use D usually

7. Franco ______like eating English breakfast.

A don`t B doesn`t C aren`t D isn`t

8.Where do you _______ from? - Barcelona in Spain.

A come B comes C be D go

9. I ___________ visit my grandma on Sunday afternoons.

A some time B sometimes C some D sometime

Task 2

Read the text below. Use the words given in capitals at the end of some lines to form words that fit in the spaces in the same lines.

Прочитайте текст. Используйте слова, написанные заглавными буквами в конце некоторых строк, для образования слов, которые подходят для пропусков в этих же строках.

Painting the Fence

It was Saturday and a (1) ______ summer day. LOVE

Everyone was on holiday, everyone was happy. Tom looked at the

fence in front of him. Thirty yards long and nine (2) _____high! FOOT He sat down under a tree. At that moment he saw Jim (3) ______ SKIP

along with a bucket of water. Now it seemed much (4) ________ GOOD

than the job he had to do. At (5) _____ Jim didn’t agree. Then Tom ONE

promised to give him a marble.

Task3. Найди лишнее слово и запиши в лист ответов

  1. first     twentieth        fifth       twelve

  2. arms     eyes     fingers     ears

  3. uncle      grandfather        sister     husband

  4. sheep      horses       foxes       dogs

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Reading Test The Magic Basket

A mother and her little son live in a little house. They are very poor. All they have is a grey goat.

One day the mother says, "We have got no money, we have got no bread. You should go and sell the goat". The boy takes the goat and goes to the town. He meets a farmer with a large basket in his hands. "Sell me your goat", says the farmer.

"What can you give me for it?" asks the boy.

"I can give you this basket", says the farmer.

"What good is this basket for me?" says the boy. "What can I put in it? I've got no bread, I've got no eggs and I've got no apples!"

"My little girl is ill", says the farmer. "She must drink some milk from a grey goat every day or she will die".

The boy is kind. He is sorry for the little girl. He gives his goat to the farmer, takes the basket and goes home.

When he comes home, he puts the basket on the table and shows it to his mother.

The mother looks at the basket and says, "What good is this basket for us, what can we put in it?"

But suddenly the basket says, "I'm a magic basket!" The basket jumps from the table and runs out of the house. When it coines back to the poor boy's house, it is full of meat, fruit and vegetables. Now the mother and the boy have dinner.

Every morning the wonderful basket jumps from the table and runs out of the house. And every day it comes back full of good things. Now the mother and her son have their breakfast, dinner and supper every day.

Task l Read and match the pairs.

1. magic a) добрый

2. wonderful b) большой

3. poor с) маленький

4. kind d) волшебный

5. little е) бедный

6. large f)чудесный

Task 2 Read the statements and put a "+" if the statement is correct or a "-" if it is incorrect.

1. The text is about a woman and her son.

2. They are rich and have got a lot of farm animals.

3. They want to sell a grey goat because they don't like it.

4. On his way to the town the boy meets a man who wants to buy the goat.

5. The boy buys a very nice basket full of food.

6. It is a magic basket.

Task3 Read and circle.

1. A mother and her little son live in a little _ .

a) flat; b) house; c) cabin.

2. The farmer needs a goat for his little _.

a) daughter; b) cat; c) friend.

3. The boy gives his goat to the farmer because he is _.

a) brave; b) strong; c) kind.

4. The mother is very _ when she sees a basket.

a) sad; b) happy; c) quiet.

5. The basket leaves the house and comes back full of _ .

a) balls; b) food; c) flowers.

6. Every morning the __ jumps from the table and runs out of the house.

a) boy; b) farmer; c) basket.

Task 4 Answer the questions.

1. Why does the mother tell her son to sell the goat?

2. Why does a farmer want to buy the boy's goat?

3. Does his mother like the basket at first?

4. What does the basket do to show it is magic?

5. Are the mother and her son happy at the end?

6. Why do you think so?

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