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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговые контрольные работы за 1 семестр. 9 класс
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  • Иностранные языки

Итоговые контрольные работы за 1 семестр. 9 класс

Выбранный для просмотра документ аудирование.docx



Scripts: Task1

Tristan and Isolda

King Mark of Cornwall had a court at Castle Dore in the sixth century. One day the king picked up a long golden hair dropped by a swallow and said he would marry only the maiden to whom the hair belonged. He charged his nephew Tristan to search for her.

Tristan discovered her in Ireland. She was Iseult (or Isolde ), the beautiful daughter of the Irish king. He took her back to Cornwall with him, but during the journey they drank a love potion intended for King Mark`s wedding night and fell passionately in love.

Isolda married King Mark but even after the marriage the effects of the potion did not wear off, she and Tristan continued to love each other deeply. The king heard of a meeting planned between them and decided to spy on them. He hid himself in a tree – but the lovers saw his reflection in a pool and by talking together casually managed to allay his suspicions.

Tristan married a Breton girl but never ceased to love Iseult. Grieving for her brought about his death and an ancient stone cross marks his grave at Castle Dore.


The Bundle of Sticks

Once an old man, who thought he would not live long, called his sons. «Bring me a bundle of sticks. » he said. The young men did so. The father tied the sticks together and gave the bundle to his youngest son. « Can you break that bundle of sticks? » he asked. The boy tried to do so. «No, Father. I can`t. » he said. «Then give the bundle to your brothers. Perhaps one of them can do it. » The brothers all tried, but with the same result. Then the old man untied the bundle and gave one stick to each son and said: «Can you break one stick? » «Of course. » said the young men, and each broke his stick.

«You see. » said the father, «if you are united and live in friendship, you will be stronger than any enemy. Union is strength. »

Task 1

You will hear the story «Tristan and Isolda. » Decide if each sentence (1-7) is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, write T (true). If it is not correct F (false.)

1. King Mark of Cornwall had a battle at Castle Dore.

2. The king picked up a long golden hair dropped by a swallow.
3. King Mark charged Tristan to search for Isolda.

4. Tristan discovered the maiden in Ireland.

5. Isolda was the beautiful daughter of the Irish king.

6. Tristan took Isolda back to Cornwall with him.

7. Tristan married Isolda.

Task 2

You will hear the story «The Bundle of Sticks. » For each sentence 8-14 fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

Once an old man, (8)____________________________, called his sons. «Bring me a bundle of sticks. » he said. The young men did so. The father (9)_________________and gave the bundle (10)_____________. « Can you break that bundle of sticks? » he asked. (11)_________ tried to do so. « (12)____________ » he said. «Then give the bundle to your brothers. Perhaps one of them can do it. » The brothers all tried, but (13)__________. Then the old man untied the bundle and gave one stick to each son and said: «Can you break one stick? » «Of course. » said the young men, and each broke his stick.

«You see. » said the father, «if you are united and live in friendship, you will be stronger than any enemy. (14)_______________. »

A Union is strength

B tied the sticks together

C who thought he would not live long

D The boy

E with the same result

F No, Father. I can`t

G to his youngest son
















Task 2















Выбранный для просмотра документ говорение.docx



Task I

You and your partner are taking part in the class discussions about education in the modern world.

You have to speak in favour of the traditional system of education when children are taught at school by teachers.

(Monologue; Time: 1,5 minutes)

Answer 2 questions of your partner.

(Dialogue; Time: 1 minute)

Task II

Now listen to your partner’s opinion about the same topic.

Then ask your partner 2 questions to learn more about it.

(Dialogue; Time: 1 minute)

Выбранный для просмотра документ письмо.docx




Comment on the following statement

Imagine that you cannot come to your friend’s birthday party. Write him/her an e-mail with apologies.

Don’t forget to:

  • Send your wishes.

  • Name the reasons why you cannot come.

You should write about 90-100 words.

Выбранный для просмотра документ уп.языка.docx



1.Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

For each question, mark the correct letter A,B or C

Visit Wales

Take a short (25)………….. in Wales and enjoy the best of Welsh life. You don’t need to be super-fit to enjoy (26)………….along the peaceful lanes. If you’d rather go (27)……….. a walk, there are hundreds of paths in the hills. Other popular (28)………are horse-riding, fishing and canoeing. You don’t need to bring any special (29)………equipment- it’s always possible to hire it. However you choose to (30)……….your time here, you’ll enjoy the beautiful Welsh(31)……….. .

25 a journey b break c visit

26 a cycling b climbing c skiing

27 a about b to c for

28 a events b activities c actions

29 a games b exercise c sports

30 a spend b take c have

31 a nature b countryside c land

2.For questions 1-10 read the text below and choose A, B or C to fill in the gaps.

It is really great to find yourself in a southern country in winter!

Fine beaches of Thailand, Goa, Vietnam are sure to __(1)__ many visitors who, tired and __(2)__ after several months of snow, frost and a piercing wind, can change their surroundings.

These countries have got hotels, simple or __(3)__, holiday homes, rest houses in all major sea resorts. __(4)__, excellent inns, pubs, small restaurants __(5)__ all over the above-mentioned countries. Some are divinely tiny and serve only local travellers, but __(6)__ are adapted to the tourists and have already established the __(7)__ for both international dishes and local __(8)__.

There is a wide selection of places to go __(9)__ in the evening. Dance clubs with a mixture of cultures are especially popular and have __(10)__ enormous popularity among foreigners.

1. A deprive B derive C attract

2. A exhausted B happy C sociable

3. A primitive B luxurious C ill-thinking

4. A besides B however C in comparison

5. A find B are founded C are found

6. A other B others C each other

7. A reply B word C reputation

8. A specialities B peculiarities C identities

9. A in for B out C through

10. A realised B lost C gained

3. For questions 11-15 read the text below and fill in the gaps with linking words or phrases from the text.

particular in fact according to

for example certainly

When you come across a new word in a text, __(11)__ “genuine”, you might want to look up its meaning in the dictionary. It’s important to look through all the definitions in an entry, and choose the correct one __(12)__ the context of the sentence. “Genuine” is a difficult word to pronounce, so it is worth looking at the phonetic symbols, and pay attention to the way the word is stressed. __(13)__ , the stress falls on the first syllable. If you are confronted with an idiom or an expression such as “in one’s blue mood”, you should check the meaning, and then look at the style of the expression: is it formal or informal? This __(14)__ phrase isn’t rude, but you __(15)__ wouldn’t like to offend anyone, so it’s always a good idea to check.

Выбранный для просмотра документ чтение.docx



Read the following text.


§ 1. Whittaker High was coming out, and the students were crowding the pavement. Cindy saw the white Chevrolet below the steps, and didn’t hurry. Her mother used to park at the back of the school, but Cindy had walked home a couple of times, not wanting to talk to her, or to anybody at all. She wasn’t allowed to go on the bus, because of the way the other kids were acting up — the driver said last week he was going to quit his job unless he could have an official guard on board.

§ 2. ‘Where were you, darling?’

I was talking.’

I’ve been waiting ages!’

Cindy got in. Now that her mother parked right outside the school, she couldn’t pretend she hadn’t seen the car, and walk home again.

§ 3. ‘Buckle your safety belt, darling.’

It’s OK.’

They save lives, they do really, Cindy.’ She reached across and did it for her, and for an instant Cindy saw her mother’s face in close up, still young and pretty and honey-coloured because of tennis, but with the worry in her eyes, like it always was. ‘Isn’t Louise coming with you?’

No,’ Cindy said.

But I thought she was! I thought you said you’d be bringing her home today.’

I changed my mind.’

§ 4. Somebody waved as the car drew away, but Cindy wasn’t in time to see who it was. Maybe Louise.

But she’s such a nice child, darling. I wish you’d see more of her — you ought to have more friends.’

§ 5. This, Cindy thought vaguely as she turned and stared out of the window, was why it had been so nice to walk home, those times. Fasten your seat belt, and bring Louise home, and have more friends and all that stuff, all the way to the house where she didn’t want to go anyhow.

§ 6. ‘Don’t you think you ought to have more friends, darling?’ It wasn’t worth answering; but without actually talking about it they’d made a kind of agreement between them, never to let silences happen when they were riding together in the car.

§ 7. ‘I’m fifteen years old, mother. If I wanted more friends, I could probably get them. But I don’t.’ There was silence now, but they both knew mother wasn’t breaking their agreement: she was just beaten, that was all, and didn’t know what to say. Mother couldn’t ever imagine anyone not wanting friends — it was another world, and she didn’t have anything to say about it. It was like suddenly speaking to her in Chinese and expecting an answer.

§ 8. ‘This evening we eat tacos (a kind of Mexican pancakes), darling.’

After some time, Cindy said, ‘I won’t be hungry.’

She was aware of the hurt she was giving her mother. But she didn’t want to hurt, she just didn’t want to talk. The subject of tacos was a dead end — they both knew that.

Oh, it’s a long way to dinner time yet, Cindy, and we — we both hope you’ll be eating with us tonight. Daddy mentioned it specially.’

I won’t be hungry, mother. ’

For questions 1-10 choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

1. Cindy didn’t hurry (§ 1). Why not?

A She could not get through the crowd of students.

B She disliked being picked up by her mother.

C She had to wait till her mother had parked the car.

D She was tired after a long day at school.

2. What becomes clear about the bus driver from the last sentence in § 1?

A He would lose his job if the children damaged the bus.

B He had lost his guard because of the children’s behaviour.

C He thought the guard was not doing his job properly.

D He could not deal with the students all by himself.

3. What did Cindy’s mother want to make clear to her in § 2?

A She was annoyed that Cindy had not come more quickly.

B She was interested in what Cindy had been doing at school.

C She was very happy to have Cindy with her again.

D She was worried that Cindy had been doing something wrong.

4. From the end of § 2 (‘Cindy got in …’) it is clear that in the past Cindy had sometimes …

A asked her mother not to come and pick her up after school.

B not noticed that her mother was waiting to take her home.

C behaved as if she did not know her mother was waiting for her.

D told her mother not to park her car right outside the school.

5. What did Cindy notice about her mother’s appearance, according to § 3?

Her mother…

A did not look as good as usual.

B looked attractive but not quite relaxed.

C looked better than usual.

D was worried about her own appearance.

6. Why had it been “so nice to walk home” (§ 5) on previous occasions?

A Cindy did not like riding in a car.

B Cindy liked the company of other students.

C Cindy was ashamed at being picked up from school by her mother.

D Cindy was fed up with her mother always telling what to do.

7. What was it that Cindy and her mother had not actually talked about (§ 6)?

A How to behave towards each other during their car rides.

B The fact that Cindy did not want to go home.

C The fact that Cindy hated being driven home.

D What was the best way to make more friends.

8. Why was it that Cindy’s mother “didn’t know what to say” (§ 7)?

A Cindy had made a stupid remark.

B Cindy had said something her mother just could not understand.

C She did not want to risk causing a disagreement with Cindy.

D She was afraid to make Cindy angry.

9. “It’s a long way to dinner time” (§ 8). Cindy’s mother said this because …

A she hoped that Cindy would change her mind.

B she knew that Cindy would be hungry by then.

C she knew that tacos took a long time to prepare.

D she thought that her husband would be home late.

10. At the very end of the text, Cindy let her mother know that …

A she would rather stay with her friends.

B she was sorry she wouldn’t get hungry by dinner time.

C she was not going to join the family dinner.

D Mexican food was not her favourite.

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