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Итоговые тесты для 5 класса углубленного изучения английского языка

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Итоговые тесты для 5 класса углубленного изучения английского языка

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Контрольная работа 5 a (I четверть)

I. Choose the only right variant

1._________ he swim much last summer?

a) Did b) Will c) Does

2. Where ______ she go every week?

a) did b) do c)does

3. My brother always ________ his mum to clean the carpet.

a) helps b) is helping c) help

4) _____ you play tennis well?

a) Does b) Do c) Is

5) When _____ your friend play in the yard after school?

a) are b) does c) do

6) What _____ they reading now?

a) is b) are c) does

II. Put the verbs in brackets: Present Indefinite or Present Continuous

  1. Mike and Paul (work) in the room now.

  2. Nick (play) football well.

  3. Kate (sing) in the hall at the moment.

  4. The window (open) easily. Tom (open) the window now

III Translate into Russian

  1. We have got all modern conveniences at home.

  2. You can turn off light, it’s not dark here.

  3. Is your vacuum cleaner new?

  4. Mr. Johnson is a baker.

  5. Where is the booking office?

  6. I always travel by fast trains, but my sister is fond of slow trains.

  7. The customs officers at the airport were polite.

IV Write questions :

  1. Where /you / go/ tomorrow?

  2. What time/the concert/start?

  3. When/you/ have/the birthday party?

  4. Who/cook/in your family?

  5. How many guests/ he/ invite?

V Translate from Russian into English:

  1. Его отец хорошо играет на гитаре.

  2. Я часто посещаю музеи.

  3. Как часто вы ходите на выставки?

  4. Политика – хобби моего деда.

Контрольная работа 5 a (III четверть)

I Fill in verbs: is, are

1. It … useful advice.

2. Your news … interesting.

3. Where … money? It ... on the shelf.

4. Your knowledge … poor.

5. Her hair … long and beautiful.

II Put sentences into indirect speech:

1. Ann said: “I like apples”.

2. Mum said: “ Kate is watching a film”.

3. John said to Mike: “ I have sent a letter.”

4. Betty said: “We play tennis in the yard.”

5. I said : “It doesn’t rain much here.”

6. Polly said to Jack: “ I can’t run fast”.

III Translate from Russian into English:

1. Извините, вы не подскажите дорогу к спортивному залу?

2. Этот автобус идет до парка?

3. Здесь есть где-нибудь музей поблизости?

4. Вы прекрасно выглядите!- И вы тоже.

5. У меня болит горло.

IV Make words:

Arm, stomach, ear, leg, back, shoulder, foot, ache, tooth

V Ask questions to the text:

Last Friday morning Mike took part in the football match. The game was very exciting. The weather that day wasn’t fine at all. There were dark clouds in the sky, it was cold.

When Mike came home he felt that something was wrong with him. He had a terrible headache and a sore throat. He felt so bad that he decided to go to bed without his dinner. His mother understood that Mike was ill and phoned Doctor Brown.

Doctor Brown visited Mike the next morning. He took the boy’s temperature. It was rather high. His throat was red and it was difficult for him to swallow and to breathe. The doctor prescribed some medicine for Mike’s headache and his throat. Doctor Brown said him to stay in bed. Then Mike recovered soon.

Контрольная работа 5 a (IV четверть)

I Complete the sentences:

  1. It is our house. It is ________.

  2. It is her book. It is ________.

  3. They are his pictures. They are ______.

  4. It is your violin. It is ________.

  5. They are my sculptures. They are ______.

  6. It is my sweater. It is ______.

II Use the right form of pronoun:

  1. This is (my, mine) phone.

  2. The bag is (mine, my).

  3. (Our, Ours) marks are better than (your, yours).

  4. Where are (her, hers) friends?

  5. This is (my, mine) picture.

III Make sentences complete using myself, himself, herself, ourselves, themselves, yourself(ves)

  1. Ann never helps other people, she only thinks about…

  2. My brother fell off his horse, but he didn’t hurt …

  3. Be careful! Don’t cut…

  4. When we are alone, we sometimes talk to…

IV Translate from English into Russian:

  1. To train regularly

  2. To follow her advice

  3. To become an excellent trainer

  4. To punish the child

  5. To receive an invitation

V Ask questions to the underlined words using What, When, Where, How, Who :

Basketball appeared at the end of the 19th century. James Naismith, a college coach, introduced it. He placed fruit baskets on the walls at the opposite ends of the gymnasium and organized the game. Each team tried to throw the ball into the other team’s basket. The students liked the game and called it basketball.hello_html_m77496fc3.pnghello_html_m4d466bb7.png

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