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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговый грамматический тест по английскому языку для 10 класса
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Итоговый грамматический тест по английскому языку для 10 класса


Test (10 класс)

I. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form

  1. "...you (to have) dinner yet?" "No, I'm very hungry"

  2. Where this river (to flow)?

  3. Father began repairing the bicycle after he (to read) the newspaper.

  4. Granny fell asleep while she (to watch) TV.

  5. Please be quiet. I (try) to concentrate.

  6. My brother (to learn) to read when he was 5.

  7. When the train (to arrive), we'll be waiting on the platform.

  8. If I come to your place at 5,... you(do)your homework by then?

  9. "How long ...you (to translate) this article?" "For 2 hours"

  10. "...she often (to visit) her Granny?" "I'm afraid not very often".

  11. Tom said he (to be) there 5 years before.

  12. We (to wait) for more then 10 minutes when at last he came.

  13. Do you think the weather (to be) better 200 years ago?

  14. "Shall we meet at 6 tomorrow?" "I'm afraid we shan't. I (to watch) the match from 5.30 till 7.00".

  15. The sun (not to move) round the Earth.

  16. Tom's friends (not to invite) him to the party last Sunday.

  17. Yesterday at 5.00 we (to play) golf with our partners.

  18. Look at her. She is so sad! She (to go) to cry.

  19. My parents (to talk) to my brother when suddenly they were interrupted by a knock.

  20. I'll be very surprised if the pupil (not to write) the test.

  21. ... your mother ever (to cook) a plum cake for you?

  22. "... you (to come) to my birthday party?" "With pleasure".

  23. Why those children (to play) in the yard now? They must be at school.

  24. "What you (to do) at 10.00 tomorrow?" "I don't know yet".

  25. "Where (to be) your children?" "My son (to be) at school and my daughter (to be) at home".

II. Chose modal verbs

1. Somebody is knocking. It be Mary.

a) should b) must c)ought to d) had to

2. 1 think it rain today.

a) must b) should c) may d)needn't

3. I don't want to teach you, but you stop smoking.

a) must b) may c) ought d) should

4. You are so fat. You keep a diet.

a) mustn't b) should c)needn't d)don't have

5. I hate my job, but I go there.

a) mustn't b)needn't c)have to d)ought

6. You | break anything there!

a) mustn't b) cannot c)may d) ought to

7. He is so stupid. He pass the exam.

a) mustn't b)doesn't have to c) won't able to d) didn't have to

8. Why didn't you come to the party? It was great. You_________come.

a) must have come b) had to c)should have come d)needn't have come

9. -Will George come? -I don't know. He come or not.

a) might have b)must c)had to d)may

10. My brother is 3 years old. He speak any foreign languages.

a) can. b) must c)had to d) may

11. I'd like dance very well.

a) can b) to be able to c)ought to d)to have to

12. My dentist says I eat so much chocolate.

a) shouldn't b) ought not c) cannot d)mustn't

13. Alice is wearing a new dress. She bought it yesterday.

a) had to have b) ought to c) must have d) should have
14. I speak to Jane, please?

a) Could b)Ought c) Must d) Had
15. In this country you get a driving license at the age of 16.

a) could b) can c) must d) ought to

III. Conditionals.

1. If people were cleverer, they (to live) in peace.

2. If I (to find) my key I would have opened mat door.

  1. If I (to live) in America, I would know English well.

  2. My sister will help you if you (to wait) for her.

  3. Mike is short of money. He wishes he (not to buy) so many things yesterday.

  1. I'm going to cook a wonderful cake. I wish all my friends (to come) to the party,

  2. The film was terrible. Perhaps it be) more interesting if there had been more music in it

  3. These trousers aren't in fashion. I wish I (to have) new jeans.

  4. If I were talented I (to become) an actor.

10. I wish my dog (to be) bigger and cleverer.

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