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Итоговый контроль Test in Reading Comprehension Form 8

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Test in Reading Comprehension Form 8

Ship of the desert

Many people believe that the hump of a camel is full of water. They believe this is the reason that camels do not have to drink very often, but they are quite wrong. A camel’s hump is not full of water. It is mostly fat. The camel’s body can use the fat later when it is hungry but it does not help the camel go for a long time without drinking. A camel can do this because it does not sweat very much. sweat, they lose water and soon have to drink. If they do not drink water they die. When a camel gets hot, it does not sweat very much, so it does not lose much of the water in its body. It does not need to drink very often.

There is very little water in the desert, so any animal that doe

When people – and most animals – get hot, they sweat. Sweat is mostly water from the body. Therefore, when people s not need much water is very useful for carrying people and things across the desert. Camels can travel a long way without stopping for food or water. This is why the camel is called “The Ship of the Desert” – it carries its food and water with it and it can go for a long time between towns.

People still use camels in the deserts of North Africa and in many other places.

  1. Circle the correct answer:

The passage is about …

1. how camels live and work

2. life in hot deserts

3. camels and their families

4. how to live in the desert

5. finding water in the desert

2. Match the words and phrases:

1 believe a not right

2 wrong b go from one place to another

3 travel c needing food

4 hungry d think to be true

  1. Complete these sentences using words carry, useful, mostly, lose, need, without, across, desert

  1. Camels _____ people on their backs.

  2. The camel’s hump is _______ fat.

  3. Camels are very _________ animals.

  4. Camels can travel _______ deserts.

  5. A ______ is mostly sand.

  6. We all _______ sleep,

  7. Most animals cannot live _______ food and water.

  8. Some travelers _______ their way in the desert.

  1. Find these words in the passage:

Sweat (line 10) deserts (line 29) hump (line 1) fat (line 6)

Match each word to the nearest meaning:

  1. a part of a camel

  2. something we should not eat too much of

  3. places with a lot of sand

  4. water that comes from our bodies when we are fat


1. 1

2. a - think to be true

b – not right

c - go from one place to another

d - needing food

3. a-carry b-mostly c-useful d-across e-desert f-need g-without h-lose

4. a. hump b. fat c. desert d. sweat

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