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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Итоговый контрольный тест для 7 класса для школ с углубленным изучением английского языка


Variant I

  1. In winter, when it’s dark it is so difficult to get ……. in the morning.
    a) down b)up c) over

  2. Who’s ……boy standing by …piano?
    a) a b) the c)-

  3. What …… good idea!

a) - b) the c) a

  1. We… the latest news from three till four yesterday.

a)are discussing b) were discussing c) has been discussing

  1. I … TV the whole evening tomorrow.

a) will watch b) will be watching c) are watching

  1. Kate… for a walk yesterday.

a) don’t go b) didn’t go c) haven’t gone

  1. Where…Kate… when you met her yesterday?

a) was…going b) had gone c) went

  1. He …home by 5 o’clock yesterday.

a) came b) had come c) was coming

  1. How many pages you … by 3 o’clock tomorrow?

a) will read b) will be reading c) will have read

  1. When we … home yesterday mother already …dinner.

a) came…. was cooking b) came… had cooked c) came… cooked

  1. We have already decided. We… a party tomorrow night.

a) will have b) are having c) will be having

  1. If you … your promises nobody … you.

a) won’t keep… will trust b) don’t keep … will trust c) don’t keep… trusts

  1. It … hard since morning, I can’t go for a walk.

a) rains b) is raining c) has been raining

  1. What made you … your mind?

a) to change b) change c) changing

  1. I didn’t like …fish we had there yesterday.

a) a b) the c) -

  1. I forgot about the milk and it ran … .

a) away b) over c) down

  1. The … of the first printing press in England was William Caxton.

a)invent b) invention c) inventor

  1. The State Public Library in Moscow has a unique … of books.

a) collection b) collect c) collector

  1. The audience was impressed by the … after Chekhov’s play

a)perform b) performance c) performer

  1. The … festival “Gold mask” is held in Moscow annually.

a)theatre b) theatrical c) theatrically

  1. Someone who instructs actors, cameramen in a film or a play is … .

a) direct b) direction c) director

  1. think that the ancient Olympiad began well before 776 BC.

a)history b) historical c) historians

  1. During Queen Victoria’s reign Britain became a … industrial country.

a)power b) powerful c) powerless

  1. Russia has produced a great number of … and talented people.

a)create b) creation c) creative

  1. Set to Tchaikovsky’s immortal music, “Swan Lake” is … .

a)impress b) impressive c) impression

  1. Pushkin’s … is studied at schools.

a)poet b) poetic c) poetry

  1. He heard him … this story yesterday.

a) to tell b) tell c) told

  1. Sam is friendly and easy to get … with.

a) down b) over c) along

  1. Please turn .. the radio, I’m trying to sleep.

a) up b) off c) on

  1. The firemen rushed … the burning house to save the child.

a) out b) at c) into

  1. It won’t be easy to do … with this bad habit.

a) out b) up c) away

  1. If I …. a lot of money, I would buy a new car.

a) have b) will have c) had

  1. I wish I … younger.

a)was b) were c) will be

34. Natasha knows English well and often works as an … for tourist groups.

a) translator b) interpreter c) secretary

35. … is a book that gives words in alphabetical order and explains what each word means.

a) dictionary b) vocabulary c) stationary

36. What is his mother ….? – I’m not sure, French, perhaps.

a) language b) tongue c) relative

37. Our washing machine doesn’t work properly. It needs to be … .

a) repaired b) mended c) tuned

Variant II

  1. That news was a real shock and we still can’t get … it.
    a) along b) away c) over

  2. I don’t think you gave me …. right answer.
    a) a b) the c) –

  3. Robert is ……… truck driver.

a) a b) the c) –

  1. It… (to rain) the whole day yesterday.

a) rained b) was raining c)has been raining

  1. Don’t disturb me tomorrow. I…. all day long.

a) will work b) will be working c)will have worked

  1. The teacher guessed that the pupils … the lesson.

a) didn’t know b) hadn’t known c)weren’t knowing

  1. What… he …when you saw him yesterday?

a) did… do b) was… doing c) did

  1. How many words … you… by last lesson?

a) memorized b) had memorized c) were memorizing

  1. By 5 o’clock tomorrow morning the sun already … .

a) will rise b) will have risen c) will be rising

  1. When I … to school yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I … my textbook at home.

a) came… left b) came… had left c) came … was leaving

11.See you soon. Don’t forget we … next Monday.

a) are meeting b) will meet c) will have met

12.When Mother … some money, she … me a new phone.

a) gets… will buy b) will get… will buy c) will get… buys.

13.Mother is in the kitchen, she … since morning.

a) is cooking b) cooks c) has been cooking

14.Will it make her … us?

a) join b) to join c) joining

15.…dinner we had at the restaurant was delicious.

a) a b) the c)-

16.A small rabbit was run … by a car.

a) down b) over c) away

17.The … flag of the USA is called “Stars and Stripes”

a) nationality b) national c) nation

18.… of printing is rightfully considered to be a great event in history.

a) invent b) invention c) inventor

19.Shakespeare is a famous … of the 16 century.

a)drama b) dramatist c) dramatic

20.The … of Russian football players leave much to be desired. (оставляют желать большего)

a) achieve b) achievements c) achieving

21.While watching the film I was absorbed by the … between the main characters.

a) relative b) relation c) relate

22.…. carols were songs performed with dancing at Christmas and other festivals.

a)origin b) original c) originality

23.The first … of the new theatre was a great success.

a)perform b) performer c) performance

24.I was asked to share my … of a new film.

a)impress b) impressive c) impression

25.He showed the … beauty of Russian nature in his paintings.

a)poet b) poetic c) poetry

26.Pushkin’s … views were close to those of the “ Decembrists”.

a)policy b) political c) politician

27.He watched the postman … the letters.

a) to distribute b) distributed c) distributing

28.That news was a real shock and we still can’t get … it.

a) over b) along c) down

29.The wicked Witch turned the Prince … a frog.

a) over b) into c) up

30.The dog rushed … him.

a) at b) into c) off

31.Would you like something to eat?- No, thanks, but I could do … a glass of water.

a) away b) with c) up

32.If I …. a ticket to London, I would see the tower of London.

a) bought b) buy c) will buy

33.I wish it … summer holidays now.

a) is b) were c) was

34. The English language has a …. of about 500000 words.

a) dictionary b) vocabulary c) grammar

35. … is a person whose job is translating from one language to another, especially in writing.

a) translator b) interpreter c) librarian

36. There are o lot of borrowed words in the English …. .

a) tongue b) language c) dictionary

37. We often … something that has a hole in it.

a) repair b) mend c) set

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