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Итоговый лексико-грамматический тест. 5 класс

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Final Test. GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY. The 6th Form.

16. It’s always ___________ in England.

A. sunny

B. foggy

C. rains

17. The pupil said he played _______ the flute nor the violin.

A. neither

B. either

C. or

18. While Nick’s uncle ________ new lands, his wife was writing articles about his trips.

A. was explored

B. was exploring

C. explored

19. The Ural mountains ________ Europe from Asia.

A. are separated

B. separate

C. divide

20. You ________ lick your fingers.

A. should

B. should to

C. shouldn’t

21. Radio was _________ by A. Popov.

A. discovered

B. invented

C. opened

22. The Smiths don’t live in Paris. ________ do we.

A. Either

B. So

C. Neither

23. A person who sells fruit and vegetables is a __________.

A. greengrocer

B. grocer

C. butcher

24. A _________ is a large group of people living together, having the same history, customs traditions and language.

  1. nationality

B. national

C. nation

25. Nick has got two friends. He is sitting on the sofa _______ them.

A. among

B. between

C. above

26. Mr. Green’s secretary is a ________ slim woman.

A. tall

B. long

C. high

27. I think he speaks English _________ than Ann.

A. worst

B. worse

C. badly

28. English is not my mother _________.

A. tongue

B. language

C. nationality

29. I have worked as a secretary ___________ 6 years.

A. since


C. for

30. Can I help you?

A. Yes, please.

B. Glad to meet you.

C. Fine, thank you.

31. Which of you _______ French?

A. do you know

B. is knowing

C. knows

32. Nick is a boy who always ________ into trouble.

A. gets

B. draws

C. ends

33. Our sportsmen are going to ______ in the competition in a week.

A. hold

B. take part

C. take place

34. It’s dark in the room. Turn ______ the light.

A. off

B. of

C. on

35. Don’t ________ any harm to wild animals.

A. keep

B. make

C. do

36. How much is it?

A. Here you are.

B. Three pounds, please.

C. I’d like to have a look at this shirt.

37. ____Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake on the Earth.

A. -

B. The

C. A

38. Sue says she __________ two foreign languages.

A. spoke

B. is speaking

C. speaks

39. Could I buy three ________ of rice?

A. kilo

B. kilos

c. kiloes

40. ________ makes laws about the policy of the country, taxes and many other things.

A. The Queen

B. The House of Commons

C. The House of Lords

41. If you ________ my advice, you’ll be healthy.

A. follow

B. will follow

C. followed

42. Tom said he _________ for all the goods they had chosen.

A. will pay

B. would pay

C. won’t pay

43. Milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese are sold at the _________.

A. fishmonger’s

B. grocer’s

C. dairy

44. What ___________ at 5 o’clock yesterday?

A. did you do

B. were you doing

C. was you doing

45. The doctor told me to _______ fruit.

A. prescribe

B. keep to a diet of

C. suffer from

46. The train arrives ________ Moscow at 5 p.m.

A. to

B. at

C. in

47. The book about Tom Sawyer was written by _______.

A. Jack London

B. William Shakespeare

C. Mark Twain

48. We always buy _________ tickets. It’s much cheaper.

A. single

B. return

C. fast

49. In America people eat cookies but in Britain_________.

A. sweets

B. biscuits

C. candies

50. Betty said she _________ daffodils three days before.

A. had bought

B. was bought

C. bought

Final Test. GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY. The 6th Form.

Name, surname _____________________________

Form ____________________


Final Test. GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY. The 6th Form.

Name, surname _____________________________

Form ____________________


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