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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговый лексико-грамматический тест по практическому курсу английского языка для студентов 1 курса факультета иностранных языков
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  • Иностранные языки

Итоговый лексико-грамматический тест по практическому курсу английского языка для студентов 1 курса факультета иностранных языков


Replace the italicized expression by the synonym.

1. Is it reasonable to ban children from using the Internet?

a) just c)good-natured

b) generous d) hatred

2. So, George... Have you made up your mind where you want to go for your internship?

a) decided c) conjured up

b) told your mom d) postponed

3. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

a) deeply c) truly

b) madly d) abundantly

4. At this I entirely lost my temper.

a) got angry c) argued

b) get on with d) gave up

5. Ours was a marriage of convenience pure and simple.

a) It was mutual love. c) We married for money.

b) We married for love. d) It was one-sided love.

6. Who influenced her to do that?

a) surprised c) affected

b) ignored d) survived

7. What grounds do you have to call him a hen-pecked husband?

a) consequences c) causes

b) cases d) circumstances

8. Do you grasp the possible consequences?

a) Are you aware c) are you aware of

b) Do you aware of d) do you catch

9. I admire that fascinating woman.

a) ridiculous c) adorable

b) moody d) unpredictable

10. Don’t give in to your kids’ demands!

a) let c) adjust

b) allow d) indulge

11. The clergyman joined them in matrimony.

a) best man c) minister

b) prime-minister d) bridegroom

12. Her disobedient nephew is a holly terror.

a) spectacular c) fear

b) mischievous d) sick

13. It's interesting, deeply interesting - but an anxious job too.

a) accustomed c) disturbing

b) suitable d) jealous

14. My parents pin their hopes on me.

a) confuse c) confide in

b) correct d) consult

15. I don’t want you to end up having a furious row. Behave in a proper way!

a) urgent c) suitable

b) pressing d) accustomed

16. We anticipate spending two weeks here.

a) are looking for c) look after

b) are looking forward to d) looking at

17. My spouse is perfection itself because he doesn’t have drawbacks.

a) advantages c) relatives

b) disadvantages d) in-laws

18. We arranged the engagement with my beloved.

a) complementary half c) spouse

b) ex-wife d) friend

19. He was upset, but not distraught.

a) embarrassed c) disguised

b) excited d) relaxed

20. I couldn’t go through with the panic attack.

a) postpone c) cancel

b) call off d) survive

21. He isn’t able to live without admiration and he has found a woman who worships him.

a) attracts c) adores

b) admit d) amuses

22. They transmute the real grounds of the divorce.

a)lie c) tell lies

b) change d) make up

23. He resorted to kidnapping because he felt rage and grief.

a) anger c) relief

b) row d) argue

24. I was astonished at his conduct.

a) amazed c) full of

b) filled d) disruptive

Match the word with the translation.


1) to break out a) вторгаться

2) verb b) наречие

3) the notional verb c) вспомогательный глагол

4) be in a good mood d) ладить, быть дружелюбным

5) adverb e) прилагательное

6) be broke f) потерять дар речи

7) conjunction g) частица

8) do sb a favour h) обнаруживать, выявлять

9) preposition i) междометие

10) to break down j) быть на мели

11) particle k) предлог

12) misbehave l) вести себя хорошо

13) behave oneself m) плохо вести себя

14) interjection n) союз

15) adjective o) глагол

16) to break into p) сбежать

17) be on good terms with sb q)быть в хорошем настроении

18) do ones best r) быть на чьем-либо месте

19) the auxiliary verb s) смысловой глагол

20) be at a loss for words t) не выдержать, потерять самообладание

21) be in sbs shoes u) сделать одолжение, оказать услугу

22) bring out v) делать все возможное

Match the word with the definition


1) pram a) eager or ready to fight, argue, etc.; aggressive

2) amazing b) using words in a funny and clever way

3) combative c) a four-wheeled carriage for a baby

4) ivory d) a slang word for coward

5) widow e) an unmarried woman regarded as being beyond the age of marriage

6) spinster f) a woman who has survived her husband, esp one who has not remarried

7) to fancy sb g) the act, period, or art of seeking the love of someone with intent to marry

8) courtship h) to separate out into parts; divide; to become separated or parted through disagreement

9) proper i) temperamental or changeable

10) orphan j) an abnormally high body temperature, accompanied by a fast pulse rate, dry skin, etc

11) stepmother k) youth

12) househusband l) a woman who has married one's father after the death or divorce of one's mother

13) adolescent m) a married man who keeps house, usually without having paid employment

14) to avoid n) to urge, to cause to believe; convince

15) to persuade o) to keep out of the way of

16) answer back p) to carry out (instructions or orders); to behave or act in accordance with (one's feelings, whims, etc.)

17) obey q) to reply rudely to (a person, esp someone in authority) when one is expected to remain silent

18) fever r) a child, one or (more commonly) both of whose parents are dead

19) yellow-belly s) a yellowish-white colour; cream

20) moody t) someone who is easily tricked because he trusts people too much

21) split up u) to be physically attracted to (another person)

22) gullible v) causing wonder or astonishment

23) witty w) appropriate or suited for some purpose in its proper place; correct in behaviour or conduct

Choose the right variant and fill in the gap with the appropriate word.

27. He … asleep in spite of the noise yesterday.

a) fallen b) fell c) fall

28. No one in the group could believe that Sally and Steve ___.

a) broke over b) broke up c) broke apart

29. The spouse … her to go out and she was annoyed about that decision.

a) forbid b) forbidden c) forbade

30. It …me how radiantly intelligent you are.

a) strike b) strikes c) stroke

31. She started to ___ the upcoming trip.

a) look forward to b) look forward about c) look forward over

32. Before Sheila died from a long battle with cancer, she asked her sister to ___ her children.

a) look down b) look after c) look into

33. Have you ever… a horse?

a) ride b) rode c) ridden

34. She has … an aspirant to her hand.

a) chose b) choose c) chosen

35. Tell me honestly what you ___ to do now.

a) wanted b) want c) are wanting

36. I ___ studying when my rude neighbors interrupted me with their loud music.

a) be b) was c) been

37. Samantha ___ her promise, so her sister doesn't trust her as much anymore.

a) break b) broken c) broke

38. My puppy ___ a huge hole in the backyard last night. Today, we have to fill the hole because it doesn't look good.

a) dig b) digging c) dug

39. How long have you been playing the trumpet?

a) for four years. c) by myself.

b) in my room. d) about 50 cm.

40. What were you doing last night at 7:00?

a) I was sleeping. c) I had slept.

b) I will be sleeping. d) I sleep.

41. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a very great privilege for me to be asked to make a speech about the bride and her ..........

a) aunt c) ant

b) bridesmaid d) groom

42. Mike: Please, go away. I'm ......... a letter. I need some quiet.

a) written c) wrote

b) writing d) will write

43. Having lost patience he kicked the engine to try to ….. it work.

a) get c) cause

b) force d) make

44. My sister lives ….. in a distant suburb, but she never seems to be …...

a) lonely, lonely c) alone, lonely

b) alone, alone d) lonely, alone

45. We all ….. a holiday after a year of hard work.

a) appreciate c) look forward

b) approve d) eager

46. The members of a family help you … an emotional or trying time.

a) in c) throughout

b) through d) since

47. Adults take care … their offsprings.

a) about c) of

b) for d) to

48. It … me crazy when the parents interfere … my privacy.

a) goes, - c) makes, with

b) leads, in d) drives, with

49. I apologized … him for my disruptive behavior.

a) at c) to

b) - d) in

50. I am ashamed … myself.

a) of c) -

b) with d) for

51. I prefer to borrow books … the library.

a) in c) from

b) with d) since

52. I arrived … London yesterday.

a) at c) in

b) - d) on

53. Her morals are….reproach.

a) - c) out of

b) without d) of

54. Living with parents is not always a … since they are the ones that … discipline in the home.

a) sugar, enforce c) paradise, change

b) honey, support d) picnic, enforce

55. One can never tell … women.

a) about c) as

b) for d) with

56. As the clock struck four I presented myself … the door of her house.

a) in c) near

b) out d) at

57. He was stripped … all modern gadgets and equipment.

a) off c) -

b) of d) away

58. He gave up reading love letters and to drive care … he went on to the boulevard.

a) out c) of

b) away d) off

59. The neighbors gossip if the parents of the bride are giving a good … .

a) wedding party c) wedding reception

b) dowry d) present

60. I was … child of the family.

a) the only c) a single

b) one d) alone

61. I want to learn … my own mistakes.

a) on c) for

b) from d) through

62. People have fewer children because they take room.

a) - c) many

b) up d) upon

63. He has the last … in everything.

a) word c) initiative

b) say d) authority

64. I changed my mind to get married… my fiancee.

a) on c) -

b) with d) to

65. People split up their property after the …

a) falling out c) making up

b) breakup d) quarrel

66. I haven't had lunch with my mother ..... a year.

a) for b) - c) since d) during

67. He always … me.

a) is…interrupting c) interrupt

b) interrupts d) interrupted

68. The kitchen can't be dirty, he .....

a) is just clean it. c) have just cleaned it.

b) just clean it. d) has just cleaned it.

69. The plane …at 6.05.

a) leaves c) has left

b) is leaving d) leave

70. Has Mr. Brown arrived ..... ?

a) ever b) still c) now d) yet

71. His English … better.

a) gets c) getting

b) has got d) is getting

72. The Browns … us tonight.

a) visits c) visiting

b) visit d) are visiting

73. She … him three times this morning.

a) has phoned c) has been phoning

b) is phoning d) phones

74. I … he is a trustworthy person.

a) am thinking c) think

b) thinking d) thinks

75. …you … in witches?

a) are, believe c) do, believing

b) are, believing d) do, believe

76. I … that you are in trouble.

a) see c) seeing

b) saw d) am seeing

77. … the generation gap problem … you?

a) is, touch c) does, touch

b) does, touches d) is, touching

78. Translate the following word-combinations, set expressions and sentences.

Воистину браки совершаются на небесах!

Он похож на своих родителей.

свадебное платье и фата

Дворец бракосочетаний, ЗАГС

лопотание крошечного младенца

выйти замуж/жениться поспешно

выйти из определенного возраста

быть совершеннолетним


дитя, плоть от плоти

родить ребенка

совмещать карьеру и семью

муж подкаблучник

соперничество между братьями/сестрами

проводить бессонные ночи

делать предложение

брак по расчету

Он отстаивает семейные ценности.

Он не может позволить себе большой дом.

подростковая преступность




нажить состояние

склониться над колыбелью


идти своей дорогой

неразделенная любовь

заслуживать того, чтобы быть воспринятым как взрослый


Он стал правонарушителем.

Наследовать имущество Набраться храбрости

Семья – в упадке. Откровенно высказаться

Помириться предоставлять опеку

Поссориться агрессивный

Надежное основание для брака Холостяки и старые девы – одинокие люди.

Трудно проводить бессонные ночи и стирать пеленки новорожденного.

Он хорошо учится в школе. Он организовывает помолвку.

Кандидат на руку Заговаривать с целью знакомства.

Ваше предложение принято. Быть испуганным

Он отстаивает свое мнение. Лежебока

Он – надежный, великодушный и справедливый человек.

Хвастаться влиять на кого-л.

Желудок Патологический лжец

Быть хорошей домохозяйкой общаться с кем-л. (2 вар.)

С тяжелым сердцем советоваться с кем-л.

Вести себя зрело ссора (2 вар.)

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