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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговый тест к УМК Spotlight 6
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Итоговый тест к УМК Spotlight 6



Variant 2

Vocabulary and Grammar

A. Choose the correct item.

1. Helen has got a __________ sister.

A. double B. twice C. twin

2. I have basketball _____ Mondays.

A. on B. at C. in

3. I have got a big ______ in my bedroom.

A. sink B. cupboard C. wardrobe

4. Bob usually has ________ bacon for breakfast.

A. any B. some C. the

5. August is the ______ month of the year.

A. eight B. eighth C. eighteen

6. I go to school ______ bus.

A. by B. on C. in

7. Bob and Mary can _______ a bike.

A. ride B. drive C. sail

8. It is going to be a _____ day, so take your umbrella.

A. wet B. sunny C. hot

9. Watch ____! There is a car coming.

A. up B. over C. out

10. It is time to _____ to bed.

A. go B. have C. take

11. He _______ literature at school.

A. teachers B. teach C. teaching

12. She is really keen ____ cycling.

A. on B. of C. in

13. My mum _______ very well.

A. is cooking B. cooks C. has cooked

14. At Halloween we all wear _______ .

A. cake B. costumes C. fireworks

15. Mary is doing the __________. She loves plants and flowers.

A. dusting B. homework C. gardening

16. I want ______ ice cream.

A. some B. any C. about

17. Susan lives in a block of ________.

A. flats B. rooms C. palace

18. We usually ______ shopping at the weekends.

A. do B. go C. play

19. John is doing a _______ puzzle.

A. jigsaw B.scrabble C. Monopole

20. We were afraid to swim in the______ river.

A. polluted B. deserted C. clean

21. Did you ____ your granny yesterday?

A. visit B. visited C. visits

22. I _____ at the door but no one answered.

A. knocked B. hit C. rang

23. I saw him two dais ______.

A. ago B. past C. gone

24. Be quite. You ____ make noise.

A. can B. must not C. must

25. She is not _____ to go to the library.

A. will B. would C. going

26. Lets go and see the animals in the _______

A. stadium B. zoo C. library

27. People in the country side are _____ than in the city.

A. friendly B. friendlier C. friendliest.

28. There are a lots of works of art in the ________.

A. gallery B. palace C. house

29. He is going to the International Summer ______ in august.

A. school B. flat C. house

30. You are on holiday. You _____ wake up early .

A. have to B. must not C. need not.

Every day English.

  1. Choose the correct response.

31. How about going to the aquarium?

a) I do not really like fish.

b) Yes, I need some exercise

32. Excuse me. Is this Mr. Browns office?

a) thank you.

b) Yes. What I can do for you?

33. What do you do on your free time?

a) I love going wind surfing.

b) I have the perfect thing for you.

34. Could I have your name please?

a) Yes. It is Brown. Mr. Brown

b) You are welcome Mr. Brown.

35. Would you like anything to eat?

a) fruit salad, Please.

b) a cup of tea, please.


Read the text. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

At Vinnie’s Place, the food is great and the prices are fantastic. A meal for two costs £55.

Looking for something for different? Well, come and visit us at Vinnie’s Place on Pleasant Avenue. Vinnie’s Place is an Italian restaurant with a difference!

Vinnie’s starters are the best in town. Try the tomato soup or mixed green salad. For a main course? Choose between the Milan chicken with rice or the Sicilian – style fish with a baked potato. But save room for dessert! How about chocolate cake? No? Then why not try the lemon pie?

Vinnie’s Place is open Monday to Saturday from 12 to 12.

36. You can have soup for a starter. ____________

37. The fish comes with a potato. ____________

38. There is only one kind of dessert. ____________

39. A meal for two costs more than £50 ____________

40. Vinnie’s Place is open on Sundays. _____________

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