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Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыИтоговый тест к уроку 1 учебника О.В. Афанасьева И.В. Михеева 9 класс

Итоговый тест к уроку 1 учебника О.В. Афанасьева И.В. Михеева 9 класс

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Put in the right prepositions.

  1. The advantage … computers is that they can process information quickly.

  2. She accused him … stealing the bad.

  3. The train arrived …Manchester at 5.30 pm.

  4. Her parents didn’t approve … her outfit.

  5. He was aware … being followed.

  6. Mary agreed … help me arrange the party.

  7. We were amazed … how many people attended the meeting.

  8. Paul was angry with me … using his car.

  9. Sarah is very bad … Maths.

  10. I don’t believe … ghosts.

  11. According … the weather forecast, it will be sunny tomorrow.

  12. She blamed me … the damage of the car.

Put in the right prepositions.

  1. Adam complained … having a sore throat.

  2. She was concentrating … writing the report when the phone rang.

  3. The two men were charged … armed robbery.

  4. I take car … my neighbour’s cat when she goes on holiday.

  5. The politician refused to comment … the new law.

  6. Sheila’s friends congratulated her … passing her exams.

  7. Contrary … what had been written in the papers, the three women were proved innocent.

  8. The new teacher found it hard to cope … naughty children.

  9. I know I can count … my parents for support.

  10. She dreamt … being a pop star last night.

Put in the right prepositions.

  1. This antique table dates back … 1872.

  2. There is a great demand … fresh products.

  3. There are some disadvantages … owing a car.

  4. John is an expert … the subject of British history.

  5. Adam is engaged … a famous actress.

  6. He differs … his brother in many ways.

  7. Small children are dependent … their parents.

  8. Having a broken arm, he had difficulty … dressing himself.

  9. We were dissatisfied … the hotel service, so we complained to the manager.

  10. Kate is experienced … working with children.

  11. There were no excuse … our behavior.

Put in the right prepositions.

  1. She has never heard … the effects of global warming.

  2. I am fed up … tiding up after those boys.

  3. She is very fond … her baby sister.

  4. I have forgiven him … breaking my stereo.

  5. That man looks familiar … me.

  6. I am nor familiar … the workings og this company yet.

  7. He was found guilty … theft and sentenced … three months in prison.

  8. Cat exhaust fumes are harmful … the environment.

  9. Tony hopes … a rise in salary and a promotion this year.

  10. Vincent Van Gogh is famous … his beautiful paintings.

Afanasyeva, Mikheeva IX

Unit 1

  1. Put in the right prepositions.

  1. Jim dropped his pen and bent to pick it …

  2. The information is available … anyone.

  3. Some insects are beneficial … plants.

  4. Bullies often pick … younger generation.

  5. They are aware … the difficulties that might occur.

  6. I am fed up … tiding up after those boys.

  7. Small children are dependent … their parents.

  8. I hope we’ll have an opportunity … seeing you often.

  9. The citizens of the town contributed clothing … the flood victims.

  10. She blamed me … the damage of the car.

  1. Translate from Russian into English.

  1. Он никогда не слушает, что я ему говорю, так как он всегда думает о чем-то своем.

  2. В конце концов, ему пришлось признать свою ошибку.

  3. Он вечно опаздывает, но на этот раз он появился вовремя.

  4. Мы часто делаем что-то, а потом сожалеем об этом.

  5. Историческая встреча глав двух государств состоялась в прошлом году.

  6. В начале войны войскам с трудом удавалось отражать атаки противника.

  7. Война была выиграна, но стоила многих человеческих жертв.

  8. Никто ничего не знает об этом.

  9. В конце парка есть небольшое озеро, где плавают лебеди (swans).

  10. Мне очень нравятся уроки истории, по-моему, это один из самых интересных предметов.

  1. Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct forms.

  1. If he (apologize) for being late, Miss Jackson (forgive) him.

  2. I’m very tired, I (just finish) the housework.

  3. When I was in university, I (chat) with Kate very often.

  4. When I started to learn French, I (already learn) English.

  5. It was a hard day. Martha (turn off) the light and (go) to bed.

  6. Tomorrow I think I (start) a new project.

  7. While our group (prepare) dinner the others (collect) wood in the forest.

  8. More and more people (begin) to understand that English is an important language.

  9. I can’t take any pictures because I (not/buy) a camera yet.

  10. I (read) a newspaper when the telephone (ring).

IV. Complete the sentences with the right words derived from the words in brackets.

  1. This is the most . . . . . . concert I‘ve ever been to. (Expense)

  2. Her husband’s not a very…...person. (Patience)

  3. Susan is very…...and wants to do well. (Ambition)

  4. Show some……. Don’t you like the idea? (Enthuse)

  5. Her problem is that she has not enough……in herself. (Confide)

  6. Dan is really very……, even rude sometimes. (Polite)

  7. I haven’t been to the cinema…… . (Recent)

  8. Mary…… and they never saw her again. (Appear)

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Учебник: «Английский язык», Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В.
Тема: Unit 1. Mass Media: Television

Номер материала: ДБ-1136730

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