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Итоговый тест. 6 класс

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6 класс. Итоговая контрольная работа.


I Fill in the gaps.

1) Misha and Robin are at school, ……….?

a) aren’t they b) are they c) aren’t Misha and Robin

2) I am on duty today,……….?

a) aren’t I b )am I c) am not I

3)The students learn English,……….?

a) )don’t they b)do they c)are the students

4) Let……….go to school.

a) he b) him c) his

5) Let………. celebrate the birthday.

a) us b) we c) our

6) I am interested……….history.

a) in b) at c) on

7) I like mushrooms. He likes mushrooms ……….

a) too b) either c) so

8) He doesn’t watch TV at night. I don’t watch TV at night ……….

a) too b) either c) so

II Choose the right sentence.

1) a) I have some animals

b) I have any animals.

2) a) There is much milk on the table.

b) There is a lot of milk on the table.

3) a)How many apples are there in the basket?

b) How much apples are there in the basket?

4) a) There are no butter in the fridge.

b) There is not any butter in the fridge.

5) a) We cannot make salad because we have very few cucumbers.

b) We cannot make salad because we have very little cucumbers.

6) a) Everybody were at home.

b) Everybody was at home.

III Put the verb in the right form.

1) Yesterday he _______( to be) in Kaluga.

2) They ____( to have to) to take nose drops because they ____( to be) ill last week.

3) ___you__(to watch) TV tomorrow?

4) Where ______you____(to go) two days ago?

5) What _____he _____(to do) next week?

6) Tomorrow I ____(to be) at school.

7) My granny (can)______ play the piano when she ____(to be) 15.

8) Who ______(to make) a cake yesterday?

9) If I _____(to have ) time, I _____( to help) you.

IV Ask questions

1) There was a lot of cheese in the fridge.

What ____________________________________________________________?

2) We had to get up at 7 a.m. yesterday.

When ___________________________________________________________?

3) Mike will eat an apple pie tomorrow.


4) Robin traveled in time.


5) They went to London last week.

Where __________________________________________________________?

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