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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Итоговый тест 6 класс Биболетова


Информационная карта

ФИО автора : Бойцова Елена Юрьевна

Место работы, должность, стаж работы, квалификационная категория автора: учитель английского языка ГБОУ лицей №226 Фрунзенского района г.С-Петербурга

23 года, высшая


Final test Form 6

  1. Choose the best answer

1. John ----a dollar yesterday.

a) found b) have found c)has found

2. Mr. Todd knows Rome quite well. He---there many times.

a) was b) has been c) have been

3. Mary----a new coat last week.

a) have bought b) has bought c) bought

4. What ----you doing?

a) are b) have c) is

5. Kate -----up at seven o’ clock.

a) got b) get c) gets

6. Watching TV is ------ going to the cinema.

a)better b)better than c)good than

7. Listen! Somebody ---- .

a) are singing b) have sung c) sing

8.I-----a dictionary yet.

a) have bought b) have not bought c) didn’t buy

9. I ------ him for a year.

a) didn’t see b) don’t see c) have not seen

10. Look at the clouds. It’s----to rain.

a) raining b)going c)can

2. Complete the sentences with the proper form of the adjectives

1. In summer the days are ----than in winter. ( short )

2. Jack is ----- than Tom. (tall )

3. I think, monkeys are----animals in the world. (funny)

4. P. E. is my favourite lesson. It is ----lesson at school. (good )

5. Our city is -----in the world. (beautiful )

3. Put the verb in the proper tense

1. She ( to come ) yet.

2. They ( to read ) this story last week.

3. We ( to go ) to the theatre this month.

4. They ever ( to play ) tennis?

5. She ( to help ) her mother every day.

6. Kate never ( to be) to the USA.

7. Tom usually ( to wake ) early?

8. When you ( to return ) yesterday ?

9. I ( to live ) here for 20 years.

10. I ( to spend ) next summer in the country.

4. Put in myself , yourself, youselves, herself, himself, itself, themselves, ourselves

1. The girl decorated the room-----.

2. The cat is washing -----.

3. They decided to make a cake -----.

4. He is interested only in ------.

5. I’ve done it by ------.

6. Shall I buy the postcards? No, we-----.

7. Can I take another piece of cake? Of course, help----

5. Write the question tag

1. John likes reading,----?

2. They are never late,----?

3. You can’t speak French,---- ?

4. Mary has already done her homework,----?

5. Tim won’t come tomorrow,----?

6. You are cold,----?

7. The weather was nice,------?

8. They know Mike’s sister,----?

9. There are a lot of theatres in your city-----?

10. Your brother can swim well,----?

6. Put in the, a/an if necessary

1. Shall I take ---apple?

2. Have you ever been to ---Kremlin?

3. Last year they visited ---France and ----USA.

4. We often listen to ---radio.

5. Our city stands on ---Neva.

6. What is ---highest mountain in the world?

7. It was my ----second visit to ----United Kingdom.

8. She has played ---piano since her childhood.

9. Have you ever been to ____Africa?

10. We live in ----King street in ----Dublin.

7. Put in the necessary prepositions

1. Parents usually take care----their children.

2. Will you take the rubbish ----, please?

3. London is rich ----parks and gardens.

4. My friend is fond --- football.

5. Linda is responsible ----the cultural programme.

6. What are you usually tired ----?

7. Our city is famous ----white nights.

8. When you were in Moscow who did you stay ----?

9. The society fights ----endangered animals

10. Why doesn’t she get rid----these old things?


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