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Итоговый тест по английскому языку для 7 класса

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Final Test-7.

  1. Make up the adjectives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Add –ful,-able, -ly,-ous,-al.








2. Find the special question. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Are you looking for a chance to visit an English-speaking country?

-Do you hope to win Round-the-World tour?

-Did you lose the game?

-What clothes does your friend prefer?

3.Make the question using the following words. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

often/ plans/ do/ change/ you/ moment/ the / at/ your/ last/?

4.Choose the necessary word.-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-On Halloween people wear unusual clothes, such as: costumes of ghosts, witches and …

a) skeletons: b) sweetheart: c) religious.

-They … eyes and mouth from the pumpkin and put a candle inside.

a) carved: b) hunted: c) took.

-No Halloween party is complete without a … story.

a) funny; b)scary; c) interesting.

-People decorate houses in the traditional colors: orange and …

a) grey; b)pink; c) black.

5.Choose the proper verb to each of the nouns.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-cross -number

-wear -fingers

-hate -mirror

-stand -costumes

-break -candle

6.Match the words to the right translation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-go away -возвращаться

-dress up -одеваться

-come back -носить

-wear -уходить

7.Passive Voice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

  1. Sometimes they (ask) to help. 2. A week ago the pupils (take) to the park 3.Last two years Disney Land (visit) by 40 million people. 4. The Moscow Metro (use) by thousands of people. 5. The beauty of the nature (enjoy) by everybody. 6. Everyone (tell) not to leave litter in the forest. 7. Cadburys chocolate (love) by all children.

8. Active Voice – Passive Voice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. She (write) a long letter 2.The son (ask) to help about the house. 3.Tom (ask ) to write the poem

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