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Итоговый тест по английскому языку 8 класс

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1 вариант

I. The Active and Passive Voice:(5 points )

II. Choose the correct answer.( 3 points)

  1. If Mike … (do) his best at school, his parents would be happy with his marks.

a )did b)does c) done d) have done

  1. If he didn't do sports, he often … (fall) ill.

a)fell b) fallen c) would fall d) fall

  1. If she … (be) more energetic, she … (try) her chance.

  1. Had been, would have tried b) Has been, would have tried c) been, have tried d)have been, tried

III.Read the text and answer the questions.( 5 points)

English people have love of gardening. They like to talk about the best way of growing flowers, fruit or vegetables. They like to work in their gardens and to look after their plants. They usually have a small flower garden in front of their house.

The English grow plants not only in gardens but in window boxes. They will make a garden everywhere.

1. The English are fond of …

  1. talking b) eating fruit and vegetables

  1. working d) growing plants

2. They …

  1. are not interested in vegetables b) are interested in growing beautiful flowers

c)can grow plants only in the gardens d) don't like to talk about gardens

  1. The English grow flowers

a)behind the house b)at work

c)in front of the house d) between the house and the window boxes

4.English people grow …

a) only flowers b) different plants c) only fruit d) flowers and vegetables

5. Gardening is …

a)their hobby b) their profession c) not popular in Englandd) popular only in England

IV. Choose the correct answer ( 4 points)

  1. My parents always want … the washing up.

  1. that I did b) me c) me to do d) for me to do

  1. We expected our friends … fast for a while.

  1. to move b) moved c) will move d) move

  1. I want … to the stadium next week.

  1. my friend go b) my friend will go c) my friend to go d) to go my friend

  1. I would like that man … part in the competition.

  1. taking b) took c) to take d) him take

Total : 17 points


2 вариант

  1. . The Active and Passive Voice: (5 points )

  1. Complete the sentences.( 3 points)

  1. If my parents … (allow) me to get a Saturday job, I would buy a new computer game.

a) allow b) allowed c} have allowed d) allows

  1. If she were in trouble, she … (phone) me.

a) phoned b) would phone c) phones d) have phoned

  1. If I … (be) you, I … (try) to explain the problem to my parents.

a) been , try b) been , would try c) were , would try d) have been, try

  1. Read the text and answer the questions. ( 5 points )

Winter can be cold in Russia. There is much snow in the streets. But many people are not afraid of cold. They like winter and think that winter is the best season for sports. They can skate, ski, sledge or play hockey. Figure skating is another winter sport. People can skate on the skating rink or on the frozen rivers and lakes. Winter brings a lot of fun and children like it very much.

1.Winters are … in Russia.

a)warm b)cool c)foggy d)frosty

2. Children …

a)are afraid of winter b)enjoy winter

c)think that winter is bad d)dislike winter

  1. People …

  1. are afraid of cold in winter b) cannot skate in winter

c)can do winter kinds of sports in winter d) can think in winter

  1. It … in winter.

a)often rains b)often snows c)is hot d )is warm

  1. Some people are not afraid to skate ….

a)on the rivers b)at the stadiums

c)in the streets d)in the gymnasiums

  1. Choose the correct answer.( 4 points )

  1. Our new teacher says he'd like … down everything he said.

  1. that we must write b) us to write c) us writing d) us write

  1. Her relatives didn't expect … this gallery.

  1. her to visit b) her visiting c) that she to visit d) her visit

  1. The teacher wants Mary … the poem by heart.

  1. learning b) learn c) learnt d) to learn

  1. Ms Green wanted her nephew … her hand.

  1. to touch b) touch c) toughed d) will touch

Total : 17 points

Критерии оценок:

17- 16 баллов- « 5»

13-15 баллов –« 4»

8-12 баллов- « 3»

1-7 баллов – « 2»

1 вариант

    1. invited , are being built, have been translated, have been damaged, sprained

    2. а) , с), а)

    3. a), b), c), b), a)

    4. a) b, b) a, c) d, d) a

II вариант

  1. are born, has been known, had saved, was being studied, was painted

  2. b) , b), c)

  3. d), b0, c), b), a)

  4. c), a), d), a)

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