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Итоговый тест по английскому языку 9 класс

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Exit Test

The 9th form

  1. Vocabulary

Fill in: place, gravity, survived, perform, artistic, charity, starving, bandage

  1. Our school holds a … event every year to raise money for a good cause.

  2. Nessie could be a dinosaur that somehow…

  3. Why don’t you put a… on your wrist if it is still hurts.

  4. I’m always…. after football practice so I often buy a snack on my way home.

  5. Robots can … simple tasks.

  6. There is zero … in space.

  7. All humans have a desire for…creativity.

  8. Remembrance Day takes…on 11th November.

  1. Grammar

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

  1. What you (do) at 9 o’clock yesterday?

  2. The moon (not to rise) yet, and only two stars (shine) in the dark blue sky.

  3. Where is the baby? - The nurse (put) him to bed.

  4. Tomorrow father (come) late.

  5. The pupils (do) a lot of exercises before they (learn) to write dictations well.

  6. When mother (come) home, the children (eat) the soup which she (cook) in the morning.

  7. What your brother (do) every day?

  8. When I (be) about fifteen years old, I (enjoy) playing football.

  9. What you (do) at 8 o’clock tomorrow?

  10. He (do) this work by next Saturday.

  11. Listen! Somebody (play) the piano.

  12. It usually (take) me two hours to get to the centre of the city.

  1. Everyday English

Choose the correct response.


  1. Emergency Services. Which service do you require?

  2. Can I speak to a police officer, please?

  3. What is the nature of emergency?

  4. Ambulance service? My brother’s fallen down the stairs. He’s hurt.

  5. Is that 999, Emergency Services?

  1. Just a moment, please.

  2. Fire Service, please.

  3. No, sorry. You’ve got the wrong number.

  4. There is a person stuck in the lift.

  5. Help is on the way. Please stay on the line.


1) How often do the buses to the city centre run?

2) Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the police station?

3) Is the library far from here?

4) Is there a toy shop around here?

5) The department store is on Nicholson Street, across the bank.

a) Yes, there is one just around the corner.

b) No, just a ten-minute walk away.

c) Is it a long way from here?

d) Go past the bank and turn left into Smith Street.

e) About every ten minutes.

IV. Reading

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