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Итоговый тест по английскому языку (9 класс)

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Choose the right answer:

1. He will translate the text if he (have) ________ a dictionary at hand.

A will have

B has

C would have

D have

2. My friend is interested ________ architecture.

A in

B on

C about

D for

3. I don`t know ________ .

A where is your umbrella

B where your umbrella is

C your umbrella where is

D your umbrella is where

4. When I entered the room, she (lie) ________ on the sofa.

A lay

B lied

C was lieing

D was lying

5. We are going for a walk. Who (want) ________ to go with us?

A is wanting

B does want

C want

D wants

6. She never drinks strong coffee, ________ ?

A doesn`t she

B is she

C does she

D isn`t she

7. I want (you ∕ get in touch with) ________ Tom.

A that you will get in touch with

B you to get in touch with

C you get in touch with

D you getting in touch with

8. I can`t make the TV (work) ________ .

A work

B to work

C working

D worked

9. Can you come (early) ________ next time?

A more early

B the earliest

C the earlier

D earlier

10. John asked ________ .

A whether I was there before

B had I been there before

C if I had been there before

D if had I been there before

11. We (hear) ________ from him since he left for Kenya.

A didn`t hear

B don`t hear

C hadn`t heard

D haven`t heard

12. This film (much / speak about) ________ .

A is much spoken about

B is speaking much about

C speaks much about

D speak much about

13. My room is (comfortable) ________ one in our house.

A the comfortablest

B more comfortable

C the most comfortable

D most comfortable

14. I liked ________ essay you had brought the other day very much.

A an

B the

C a

D –

15. When she sees ________ you have done, she will be angry with you.

A that

B –

C what

D so

16. This is not my text-book, ________ is at home.

A my

B mine

C mine book

D mine one

17. I wish I (live) ________ nearer my work.

A live

B will live

C had lived

D lived

18. Mary has not any spare time and ________ .

A neither have I

B either have I

C so I

D I haven`t it too

19. I don`t think that he is ________ the truth.

A telling

B saying

C speaking

D talking

20. If I were you, I (buy) ________ a house in the country.

A bought

B would buy

C will buy

D would bought


Choose the right answer:

1. I`m ill, ________ ?

A am not I

B aren`t I

C don`t I

D am I

2. Our daughter is good ________ foreign languages.

A with

B for

C in

D at

3. Mr. Hay rose from the comfortable armchair in which he (sit)________ .

A had been sitting

B sat

C had sat

D had being sat

4. What made you (do) ________ such a stupid thing?

A to do

B do

C did

D have done

5. If he (leave) ________ for London by train, he will get here on Wednesday.

A leaves

B will leave

C leave

D left

6. The weather is (good) ________ it was last month.

A the better than

B the best than

C as better as

D better than

7. He looks worn out. He ________ a sleepless night.

A must have

B can have

C must have had

D can have had

8. Neither Dad no Mom (speak) ________ English.

A don`t speak

B speak

C speaks

D doesn`t speak

9. Bad news (travel) ________ fast.

A travel

B travels

C are travelling

D do not travel

10. I (be)________ here since September.

A have being

B am

C have been

D was

11. John ________ take a taxi because he was late.

A could

B was to

C was able to

D had to

12. Could you give me________ , please?

A a piece of advice

B an advice

C a advice

D some advices

13. You are wrong. You had better (try) ________ again.

A to try

B trying

C tried

D try

14. Mrs. Swon ________ her pupils that it was wonderful.

A said

B said to

C told

D told to

15. Geneva is one of (modern) ________ cities in the world.

A the modernest

B the most modern

C the most modern of

D more modern

16. I slipped away while the others (have lunch)________ .

A had lunch

B were being had lunch

C had had lunch

D were having lunch

17. I f you (happen) ________ to see Judie, ask her to phone me.

A would happen

B will happen

C happen

D happened

18. Did you mind ________ ?

A my smoking

B me smoke

C I smoke

D to smoke

19. Mag really looked better than when he (see) ________ her last time.

A saw

B was seeing

C had seen

D has seen

20. There isn`t a cloud in the sky. Yesterday it wasn`t cloudy________ .

A too

B neither

C also

D either

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