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Итоговый тест по английскому языку (7 класс)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

A Choose the correct item.

  1. Kathy was doing her homework while Suzie …….. .

A was cooking B cooks C is cooking

  1. I like …… films because they usually take place in space.

A adventure B drama C science-fiction

  1. John ……., took a shower and left for work.

A was getting up B got up C get up

  1. We………the dog for a walk every morning.

A are taking B take C taking

  1. You …….. your house unlocked when you are not home.

A shouldn`t leave B should leave C left

  1. Documentaries are very……… .

A interest B interested C interesting

  1. I didn`t like the ….. of the film. It was too complicated.

A plot B myth C adventure

  1. The book …….. you are reading is very good.

A who B why C which

  1. He …….. lunch at the moment.

A prepares B was preparing C is preparing

  1. Tom ……. to Hawaii last month.

A used to B went C go

  1. I …… to pay the bills last month.

A didn`t remember B doesn`t remember C don`t remember

  1. …….. are usually about a crime or a strange event.

A Humorous stories B Biographies C Mysteries

  1. I love ……. The Net.

A sailing B Skiing C surfing

  1. The robber ran away……. he saw the police car

A until B then C as soon as

  1. If you go out with your friends, you …. a great time.

A will have B have C are having

  1. That`s the boy……..father is a teacher.

A that B which C whose

  1. We were happy………we heard the good news.

A when B until C then

  1. She ………the house at 7 this morning.

A is leaving B left C leaves

  1. He can`t drive if he doesn`t have a driving……………

A licence B park C ride

  1. I…………….there before. It`s a very nice museum.

A `ve gone B `ve been C be

  1. You …………..take photos in the museum. It`s not allowed.

A mustn`t B must C should

  1. The boy……………father is a dentist is my friend.

A whose B which C who

  1. I can do it………..,thank you.

A myself B herself C yourself

  1. I ……………my ankle and it really hurts.

A `ve twisted B `m twisting C `ve been twisting

  1. John …………..for two hours now!

A has been sleeping B has slept C slept

  1. I went to Berlin two years………….. .

A since B before C ago

  1. You haven`t finished the milk, ………?

A did you? B haven`t you? C have you?

  1. I …………..a new digital camera. I`m sure we`ll take nice pictures with it.

A have bought B have been buying C haven`t bought

  1. In my neighborhood, I have all the shops…………….. at hand.

A close B isolated C far

  1. Come on! The film …………in half an hour.

A starts B was starting C started

B Read the story about two friends and mark the sentences T(true) or F(false)

The Trip of Lifetime

This summer holiday, my friend and I wanted to do something different. Instead of wasting our time staying at home watching TV and playing computer games as usual, we decided to go camping.

After getting permission from our parents, we began planning our trip. We made a list of all the food and supplies we would need and spend an entire afternoon searching for the best place to buy our camping equipment. In the end, our tent, stove and sleeping bags cost a lot of money, but it was worth it.

When the day finally arrived, my Uncle Bob was kind enough to drive us to the campsite after he got off work. We knew it would take us a couple of hours to get there and Irvin and I grew more and more exited as we got closer to where we were going. It was dark by the time we arrived, but we didn`t care. We waved happily at Uncle Bob as he drove away. then, after a bit of trouble and a lot of laughter, Irvin and I set up the tent and lit the cooking stove. As we sat having our first meal at the camp – tinned spaghetti – we both agreed it was the best food we had ever eaten. A short time later, warm and comfortable in our sleeping bags, we quickly fell asleep and dreamed about what our great adventure would bring.

  1. The boys were out of the school when they came up with their plan. _______

  2. The boys normally spent their summer inside. _______

  3. Their parents helped them what to buy. _______

  4. Their camping equipment was expensive. _______

  5. Irvin`s uncle took them to the campsite. _______

  6. The boys had left home in the evening. _______

  7. They had fresh food for their supper. _______

  8. The boys stayed awake late into the night. _______

C Write a story about a trip you recently went on (about 60 -80words). Use the previous story to help you.













































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