Инфоурок Другое ТестыИтоговый тест по английскому языку (9 класс)

Итоговый тест по английскому языку (9 класс)

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Test I q 9 grade

1.      A hospital is a place where

a.       Doctors and nurses work          b. has a health problem     c. takes people to hospital

2.      A patient is someone who

a.                  Operates on people         b. prevents you from getting a disease      c. has a health problem

3.      An ambulance is a vehicle that

a.       You put on a cut to keep it clean             b. takes people to the hospital     c. operates on people

4.      The pills ….are used here cost a lot of money

a.       Where                  b. which            c. that

5.      The nurse….saw me was very nice.

a.       Who                   b. which                 c. that

6.      I know a girl …..father is a teacher at your school.

a.       Who                 b. which            c. whose

7.      I rang your place four times this morning, but …….answered

a.       Everyone                b. all of them               c. no one

8.      Jim’s lost his watch. He ‘s looked for it ……..but he can’t find it.

a.       Everything               b. everywhere            c. everyone

9.      ………gave me this book for my birthday, but I can’t remember who.

a.       None                b. someone          c. everyone

10.  Complain about something

a.       Showing a lot of interest in something           b. to say that something wrong or you are not happy with it            c. in a bad mood, unhappy with everything

11.  Disability

a.       A play in a theatre, on TV or on the radio    b. a meeting of people to train a discuss an activity         c. an injury or condition that makes it difficult for someone to do what other people do

12.  Enthusiastic

b.      Showing a lot of interest in something              b. in a bad mood, unhappy with everything

c.       A number or letter that shows how good you are in a subject at school

13.  He is American,……?

a.       isn’t it?                  B. isn’t he?                 C. is he?

14.  You have been to  Russia,

a.       Haven’t you?       b.   have you?           c. aren’t you?

15.  She won’t be at the party,

a.       Will she?                 B. won’t she?              C. isn’t she?

16.  The city in Canada with the largest population is …..

a.       Vancouver               b. Montreal                c. Toronto

17.  About …..million people live in Canada.

a.       20              b. 30                c. 50

18.  In land size, Canada is ……the USA.

a.       Bigger than               b. smaller than             c. the same size as

19.  I usually …..from school at about five o’clock.

a.       Get together                b. get home          c. get call

20.  I’m …….Can we have lunch soon?

a.       Get hungry        b. get cold               c. get sick

21.  When we were on holiday, my sister …….because she drank water from the tap.

a.       Get a chance           b. get anywhere             c. get sick

22.  Someone knocked on the door- it broke my …………….

a.       Imagination                b. concentration          c.  inspiration

23.  A beautiful sunset was my ………..for this poem.

a.       Inspiration               b. belief           c. estimate

24.  Sorry you are wrong-but it was a good …….anyway.

a.       Guess                b. belief              c. a thought

25.  Her ……… of African countries is amazing.

a.       Knowledge                 b. inspiration             c. imagination

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