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Итоговый тест по английскому языку, 5 класс, УМК Ваулина Ю.Е.

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Итоговый тест 5 класс. (Spotlight)


1) Complete the words:

  • ele……ant

  • bre……fast

  • mbrell…

  • Srawbe…….ies

  • c…nema

  • stomach…c…e

2) Circle the odd word out:

  • Lion- paw- tail- feather

  • School- tiger- hospital- garage

  • Boots- gloves- scarf- shorts

  • Rice- banana- blouse- sugar

  • Chocolate- crisps- jam- square

  • Toothache- swimming- hiking- fishing

2. Grammar

Complete the sentences with the correct verb or word:

  • Monkeys …. (live/ lives) in the trees.

  • My dad ….(paint/ paints) the house today.

  • Tom …(don’t/ doesn’t) watch TV now.

  • Is there …(any/some) cheese?

  • My mum … (made/maked) a cake yesterday.

  • I … (will/ won’t) go to school today. I’m ill.

3. Everyday English

Match the questions to the answers:

1) What’s her name?

2) How old is your brother?

3) What’s matter?

4) Excuse me, what’s the time, please?

5) How much is it?

6) Would you like a glass of milk?

7) Where is the toy department?

a) It’s opposite the café.

b) She’s Alice.

c) That would be nice.

d) He’s Ben. He’s got a broken leg.

e) It’s a quarter past fife.

f) He’s 15.

g) £ 35.

4. Reading

Read the review for a film and mark the sentences T (True) or F (False).

Happy Feet.

Happy Feet is a great animation film and you can see it at the Odeon in Leicester Square.

In cold Antarctica, all the penguins can sing a special song that comes from their heart. Two of these penguins have a baby. His name is Mumble. He can dance very well but he cannot sing. Mumble is very sad about it, so he goes away from the home. Mumble has many adventures away from home and meets other penguins who like his dancing.

This is a great film for the whole family. Don’t miss it!

1) The story takes place in Antarctica. ...

2) All penguins can sing. …

3) Mumble cannot dance very well. …

4) Other penguins like Mumble’s dancing. …

5) Happy Feet is a film only for teens. …

5. Listeting.

You will hear two people talking in a clothes shop. Listen and circle the correct answer A, B or C.

  1. Sally doesn’t like

  1. Short skirts

  2. Long-sleeved shirts

  3. Black clothes

  1. Sally’s a size

  1. Eight

  2. Ten

  3. Twelve

  1. Sally has got

  1. £ 5

  2. £ 15

  3. £ 20

  1. Andy likes

  1. A blue shirt

  2. Some jeans

  3. A wood sweater

  1. The shop assistant is

  1. Helping a customer

  2. In front of the coats

  3. Behind Sally and Andy.

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