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Итоговый тест по английскому языку в 4 класе

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1. Послушай и обведи правильный ответ

e.g. Where did Anna go last Saturday?



1 What did Billy buy? 2 Who came to Tina’s party?



3 How many people were 4 Where did Tom go last weekend?

at the school party?



5 What did Helen cook for dinner?



  1. Подбери транскрипцию к слову.

  1. Dog ___[dɔg]___  [dɔg]

  2. film__________ a) [gʊd]

  3. bottle__________ b) [fɪlm]

  4. food __________   c) [bɔ:l]

  5. good_________ d) [fuːd]

  6. ball _________ e) [bɔtl]

  1. Подбери слово к его описанию.

  1. A small animal with a long tail that likes cheese. - mouse

  2. We usually watch it in the evening. - ____________

  3. A round object that we kick when we play soccer .- __________

  4. We sleep in it. - ___________

  5. We drink it and use it to wash our face and hands. - ___________

  6. A small fruit, usually red, green or yellow. - __________

ball mouse TV bed apple water

  1. Прочитай и выбери правильный ответ

0. A dolphin is _____ cleverer___ than a giraffe.

a. cleverer b. the cleverest

1. Look! He _______________ basketball.

a. plays b. is playing

2. Jenny is the _______________ pupil in our class. She always gets only good marks.

a. better b. best

3. My friends_______________ to the cinema last night.

a. went b. go

4. He always _______________ lunch at 2 o'clock.

a. had b. has

5. There isn’t _______________ chocolate in the cake.

a. much b. many

5. Выбери подходящий ответ на вопрос и подчеркни его.

0. Can you pass me the lemon?

A. Yes, here you are. B. Look, it's ready.

1. What time is it?

A. I like watching TV in my free time. B. It's quarter to six.

2. How often do they play hockey?

A. Four times a week. B. At the Sports Centre.

3. Where's my phone?

A. It's on the shelf. B. I'll call you later.

4. How old is your sister?

A. She's five. B. My sister is quite pretty.

5. What's your uncle like?

A. He is very kind and clever. B. My uncle is from England.

6. Прочитай письмо от нового друга.

Dear friend,

My name is Liz. I live in Manchester. I am eleven years old. My birthday is on the 9th of August. I live with my mother, father and sister. Her name is Diana. I’ve got a pet dog. Its name is Ricky.

I go to Greenside School. I’m in year 2 at school. There are twenty-five pupils in my class. I’ve got a lot of friends. Have you got any friends in your class? My favourite subjects are Math and PE. I don’t like History because I’m not very good at it. What’s your favourite subject?

I like watching TV in my free time. I can play basketball and swim quite well. What about you?

I hope to hear from you soon.



Напиши ответ на письмо.

Dear ______________

It was great to get your letter.

My name _________________________________________________________________

I live in ___________________________________________________________________

I am _____________________________________________________________________

I live with _________________________________________________________________


My favourite school subject ___________________________________________________

I like_________________________________________________________ in my free time.

I can __________________________________________________________________



Текст для аудирования

Narrator: Where did Anna go last Saturday?

Man: Do you go out a lot with Anna?

Girl: Yes, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Man: Were you with Anna last Saturday?

Girl: No, I wasn’t.

Man: Did she go to the cinema, then?

Girl: No, Anna wanted to go to the funfair, but it was very cold so she went to the zoo with

her mum and dad.

Narrator: Can you see the tick? Now you listen and tick the box.


What did Billy buy?

Man: Billy likes shopping for clothes. Did he buy a jacket?

Girl: No, he didn’t.

Man: Did he buy a new guitar?

Girl: He wanted to buy a new guitar, but he bought a book about music.


Who came to Tina’s party?

Man: Did you have fun at Tina’s party?

Girl: Yes, I did. Guess who came to the party!

Man: Tina’s grandma?

Girl: No.

Man: Tina’s cousin?

Girl: No. A clown!

Man: Wow! What a party!


How many people were at the school party?

Man: How many people were at the school party? 100?

Girl: No. Our school is small. We invited 60 people, but some of them didn’t come.

Man: How many of them came?

Girl: 42. But that’s fine.


Where did Tom go last weekend?

Man: Did Tom go to the museum last weekend?

Girl: No, he didn’t.

Man: Did he go swimming?

Girl: He went to the park with Steve. They played football.


What did Helen cook for dinner?

Man: Did Helen cook chicken for dinner?

Girl: No, she didn’t.

Man: Did she cook burgers?

Girl: No, she cooked fish.

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