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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыИтоговый тест по английскому языку за 8 класс

Итоговый тест по английскому языку за 8 класс

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8 th form

English test

Please underline the correct answer.

Example: He ... a teacher.

a)am b) are c) be d) is

1. Time ... a good teacher

a) is b) are c) be d) am

2. He ... three brothers

a) get b) has got c) is d) have got

3. This is the room in ... the crime took place

a) where b) that c) which d) this

4. These are pencils. ... pencils are black.

a) a b) an c) - d) the

5. ... she like chocolates?

a) does b)is c) has d) do

6. He ... to see his aunt yesterday

a) goes b) went c) will go d) has gone

7. They have ... interesting books

a) any b) all c) some d) lots

8. The staircase is ... the room

a) at b) is c) on d) in

9. ... you be busy tomorrow at 7 o'clock?

a) will b) is c) do d) have

10. Excuse me, can I borrow ... pen?

a) yours b) your c) you d) any

11. Their grades are ... than ours

a) more good b) most good c) better d) gooder

12. ... do you do?

a) Where b) When c) Who d) What

13. Look at the clouds. I think it ...

a)is going to rain b) will rain c) rains d) rain

14. You did the job ...

a) good b) well c) best d) goodly

15. It's the 15th ... March

a) - b) in c) of d) from

16. She gets paid more than ...

a) that b) I c) myself d)me

17. I ... a headache

a) have b) am c) do d) got

18. Ben is so clever. He can talk about ... subject that comes up

a) whenever b)whatever c) whoever d) wherever

19. I ... TV every evening

a) hear b) look at c) watch d) see

20. ... people don't know how to deal with stress

a)more b) more of c) the most of d) most of

21. He is very well known ... the world

a) all over b) all in c) in all d) above

22. ... he do his job well?

a) does b) did c) have d) is

23. Where is Marry? She ... to Paris

a) goes b)will go c) has gone d) is going

24. I'll call you when I ... home

a) get b) 'll get c) 'll have got d) 'm getting

25. I was wondering ... tell me when the next plane from Dallas arrives?

a) if you could tell me b) could you c) can you d) if you could you

26. The buses were all full and I ... take a taxi

a) have to b) had to c) am to d) was to

27. Charlie lived in ... Chicago in America

a) - b) the c) a d)an

28. How ... times must I repeat it?

a) many more b) much c) more many d) more

29. ... the room!

a) don't enter into b) not to enter c) don't enter d) not enter

30. The news ... so shocking

a) were b) was c) did d) had

31. I ... a shower last night when my friend rang

a) have been taking b) was taking c) took d) have taken

32. I ... to Africa with a mission

a) am send b) sent c) am being sent d) be send

33. Mary is always out playing volleyball or cycling, ... her sister prefers to stay indoors

a) instead b) whereas c) in contrast d) opposite

34. When I graduate from college next June, I ... a student here for five years

a) will have been b) has been c) will have d) have been

35. ... freelance writer, you can earn very good money

a) like a b) as a c) - d) as the

36. He was waiting for us on ... side of the street

a) - b) other c) the other d) another

37. The flood caused ... damage to the city

a) extensive b) extension c) extend d) extended

38. I have only ... Christmas cards left to write

a) a few b) a little c) little d) fewer

39. It was ... me to have missed the train

a) stupid of b) stupid for c) stupid about d) stupid to

40. Two people are reported ... in the fire

a) will be kill b) to have been killed c)to kill d)to have killed

41. I've never really got ... my neighbor, probably because we are so different

a) up to b) through c) on with d) out of

42. My grandfather remembers … into this house when he was a very small boy

a) moving b) move c) to move d) moved

43. I don’t often have time to eat a proper lunch, so I … just a banana

a) make to do with b) make do with c) make do for d)made with

44. Mr. Beret … rather not invest that money in this business

a) could b) must c) would d) had

45. My dog was trained to … my slippers

a) take b) bring c)fetch d)carry

46. I don’t know where … last night

a)did he go b)he did go c)he went d)went he

47. I’m so hungry! If only Chris … all the food in the fridge!

a)wasn’t eating b)didn’t eat c)hadn’t eaten d) hasn’t eaten

48. Surely Leila … you if she was unhappy with your work

a)will tell b)would have told c)must have told d)had told

49. …, she would be the last person willing go to live there

a) were to be asked b) were she to ask c)was she asking d)she were to be asked

50. That last person … the room should switch off the lights

a) left b) to leave c) leaves d) leave

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