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Итоговый тест по англ.языку 8 класс

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Итоговый тест для 8 класса.

  1. Переведи предложения:

1. The castle was build in the 17th of March..

2. The books were brought from the library.

3. The lunch was eaten in no time.

4. These cameras were made in Japan.

5. The English language was spoken only in England in the16th century.

6. The living room was cleaned an hour ago.

7. Two bottles of mineral water were drunk because it was very hot.

8. The vegetables brought in the morning.

9. The boy was asked to come back at 9.p.m.

10. The work was done at once.

II.Вставьте правильно предлоги:

1.Please,come to my birthday party….Sunday ,,,,two o’clock.

2.I am going to a sport camp…….August. It starts…the 3rd of August.

3……the evenings we usually do our homework. Then we go to bed ….ten o ‘clock.

4.We always have our English lessons….Fridays.

5.I visited London …2001.

6….. winter we usually go skiing and skating.

7.I always have lunch….. the afternoon.

8.Sam usually goes to the swimming pool…Mondays.

9.They have breakfast ….eight o’clock…. the morning

10.My birthday is…the 6th of April.

III.Напишите эти предложения в страдательном залоге.

1. People grew this coffee in Brazil.

2. Andrew take us to the living room.

3. People killed the last dodo many years ago.

4. They build a new hospital in our city last month.

5. People translated this book into many languages.

6. Mum sent a Christmas postcard to me.

7. My dad bought a lot of fruits .

8.Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492


IV.Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

1.When was America discovered: 1392, 1492, 1429.

2.When was Moscow founded: 1047: 1147, 1417

3. When was the second World War finished: 1948, 1941, 1945.

4.When was Y.A.Gagarin flew into space 1973, 1961, 1948

5.Who was invented radio: Popov, Pavlov, Curie.

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