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Итоговый тест по грамматике (4 класс)

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Итоговая контрольная работа (грамматика) – 4 класс Final Test (Grammar)


1. Fill in there is/there are.

a) ____________ a television on the table.

b) ____________ a red car in front of the house.

c) ____________ two hats in the box.

d) ____________ a lot of pens in the pencil case.

2. Fill in: he, it, they, we.

a) Where are lions? ________ are in the zoo.

b) The information is interesting. Can you write _______ down to me?

c) Charles is from Italy, isn’t _______ ?

d) Tom and I are classmates. ________ are close friends.

3. Fill in some or any.

a) They didn’t make _____________bread.

b) There is ____________money in my pocket.

c) Yesterday I bought _____________ sugar.

d) Have you got__________ brothers and sisters?

4. Use the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives.

a) The dog is _______________ (clever) than the fish.

b) Peter is very clever boy. He is ___________________ (good) pupil in the class.

c) Maths is ___________________________ (difficult) than Art.

d) Elephant is much ______________________ (big) than a cat.

5. Put in: at, on, in, after.

a) Pete gets up _______ seven o’clock.

b) They play football ___________ classes.

c) __________ Sunday we shall go to the Zoo.

d) He usually drinks coffee ___________ the morning.

6. Complete the tag-questions.

a) We didn’t meet on Sunday, _____________ ?

b) They can sing English songs, _______________ ?

c) His sister doesn’t like green tea, _______________?

d) We shall study Art next year, ________________ ?

7. Choose the correct item (Present Simple or Present Continuous).

a) The man ___________________ now.

sing is singing sings

b) Mother usually _____________________ fish on Fridays.

cook is cooking cooks

c) Look! The cat _________________ the tree.

climb is climbing climbs

d) The students _____________ to school every day.

go is going goes

8. Put the verbs into the Present Simple or Past Simple.

a) I ___________ (go) to the park yesterday.

b) The baby ________________ (sleep) every afternoon.

c) We _______________ (see) an interesting film last week.

d) The Browns _______________ (travel) all over the country every year.

9. Put the verbs into the Past Simple or Present Perfect.

a) We ___________________ (see) that film already.

b) He ___________________ (do) all his lessons two hours ago.

c) Mike __________________ (write) a letter to Granny last week.

d) I ______________________ (not/see) him for ages.



a) There is

b) There is

c) There are

d) There are


a) they

b) it

c) he

d) We


a) any

b) some

c) some

d) any


a) cleverer

b) the best

c) more difficult

d) bigger


a) at

b) after

c) on

d) in


a) did we

b) can’t they

c) does she

d) shan’t we


a) is singing

b) cooks

c) is climbing

d) go


a) went

b) sleeps

c) saw

d) travel


a) have seen

b) did

c) wrote

d) haven’t

TOTAL: 36 points

32 – 36 - «5»

24 – 31 - «4»

18 – 23 - «3»

0 - 17 - «2»

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