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Итоговый тест Present Simple, Present Continuous

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Present Simple/Continuous Test

I.Choose the right item:

1. Mary and John _________ in the garden at the moment.

A. is working B. are working C. work

2. Ann _________ this film! It’s so interesting!

A. like B. is liking C. likes

3. __________ tennis on Saturday?

A. Does he play B. Is he playing C. He plays

4. I usually ___________ to work by car.

A. am going B. go C. going

5. _______________ French now?

A. John is speaking B. Does John speak

C. Is John speaking

6. Please, be quiet! I ______________my homework.

A. am doing B. do C. does

7. Jim goes to the country __________.

A. now B. every weekend C. tomorrow

8. She _______________ to watch the show now. She’s busy.

A. isn’t wanting B. don’t want C. doesn’t want

9. We __________ a big house by the lake.

A. having B. have C. are having

10. I __________ Tom right now. There are too many people here.

A. don’t see B. am not seeing C. am seeing

11. Kate always _________ jogging in the morning.

A. go B. is going C. goes

12. My grandparents __________ in Kiev.

A. are living B. live C. lives

13. What _______ you ____________ here? It’s time to go home.

A. do… do B. do C. are… doing

14. We _______________ a great time here in St. Petersburg!

A. are having B. have C.having

II. Choose the correct form of the verb.

1hello_html_mb1f5a2.gif. Fiona makes/is making a snowman at the 6. What does Tim do/is Tim doing today?

moment. 7. Does Ian like/is Ian liking your new flat?

2. Helen and Tom are watching/watch TV now. 8. Where are the children go/going?

3. What time does/do the train leave? 9. Look at Anne. What does she wear/is she

4. We go/are going to the cinema every Satur- wearing?

day. 10. What do you think/are you thinking of my

5. On Sundays, we usually stay/are staying at dress?


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