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Итоговый тест в 7 классе

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Final Test 7 ____ Name_________

Variant I April________________

I. Put the words in capitals in the right form.

  1. Jack is always _______________. He does a lot of things about the house.(HELP)

  2. English is the main language of __________________, sport and science (BUSY)

  3. The child opened her eyes and said _____________________”Good morning” (SLEEP)

  4. There was a ___________________ of sandwiches on the table . (PLATE)

  5. Good friends are devoted and _____________________(RELY)

  6. Which of the oceans is the ______________________ (BIG)? –The Pacific Ocean is.

  7. Different people have different _____________________ and opinions . (BELIEVE)

  8. Diana`s singing __________________ Bob so much that he asked her to sing on the radio. (IMPRESSION)

  9. No people have been found on the island. The island seems to be _____________ (INHABIT)

  10. Of all the films Joshua likes ______________________ most of all (DOCUMENT)

II. Circle the correct answer.

My Secretary

Rose is beautiful, smart and kind. She 1 a bigger heart than anyone I 2___________ . She ________her job very well, everything 4 on time, but my love for Rose 5__________ on that job. I 6________her because she 7 on my side ever since we first 8_________ a year ago. She 9 about me. When I 10__________ a young man, I 11___________that one day I 12 a writer. Rose 13________ me 14________ that if I 15_____________________ hard, my dream 16______________true. She 17_____________me 18_____________a great writer. Right now she 19____________________the book which I 20_______________for three years already.


a. have

b. has

c. is having




a. have ever

b. has ever

c. know

d. knows




a. do

b. did

c. does


have done


a. is organized

b. organized

c. organizes





a. don’t depend b. depend

c. depends





a. love

b. am loving

c. loves




a. have always

b. has always

c. is always

d. was always




a. meet

b. are meeting c. have met




a. care

b. cared

c. cares


is caring


a. was

b. has been

c. am


have been


a. think

b. thought

c. thinks





a. would

b. will become

c. become





a. make

b. makes

c. is making

d. are making


a. to believe

b. believing

c. believe




a. will work

b. work

c. works

d. working


a. will come

b. come

c. comes


is coming


a. expected

b. expect

c. expects

d. expecting


a. become

b. to become

c. became




a. types

b. type

c. is typing

d. have typed


a. have been

b. write

c. wrote





1. Tea ceremony

2. A healthy drink

III. Match the parts of the text with the titles.

3. The variety of tea

4. Making the tea

5. The traditional drink

6. Various traditions of tea serving

7. Teabags vs tea leaves

8. Tea diet

  1. Tea is one of the most popular drinks all over the world.It can be green, black, white or even red. Some people prefer hot tea and some drink iced tea. You can add sugar and milk in your tea and a lot of people like tea with honey or jam. Tea with lemon is also very popular. You may drink strong tea in the morning instead of coffee and some kinds of tea will help you to fall asleep in the evening.

  2. Tea plants grow mostly in tropical and sub-tropical climate zones. The main tea importers are China and India. First tea was imported to Europe in the 16th century. Nowadays tea is especially popular in Great Britain, it is associated with Englishmen and it is known as their traditional drink. In English homes they usually serve black tea sometimes with milk and sugar and some biscuits or cookies.

  3. In the USA most people drink cold tea. It is called iced tea. It is usually served with lemon. Sweet tea is a cultural symbol of the southern US. Iced tea is also very popular in Switzerland, where black iced tea is

served with sugar, lemon juice and mint. Jasmine and peach flavours are also extremely popular there.

  1. In China and in Japan there are special rituals of serving and drinking tea. They are called tea ceremonies. The Japanese tea ceremony is more famous, though Chinese is more ancient. Some other Asian countries also have their own tea ceremonies.

  2. Drinking tea is not only pleasant because of its taste, but it is also good for your health. Green tea is considered to be more healthy than black tea. Some think that it can prevent serious deceases such as cancer or heart disease.

  3. For preparing the tea you need a tea pot (though you can also use a teacup) and freshly boiled water. Pour the water onto the tea leaves and wait for at least two minutes. Then the leaves are usually removed. If you want to prepare green tea, you should wait a little longer — at least five minutes.

  4. It depends on the sort of the tea, but often you can use the same tea leaves more than once for brewing tea. Some people also use teabags twice, but if you like strong tea you will have to take a new teabag each time. Teabags are very popular nowadays because of their convenience, but some people believe that tea from the teabags is much worse than made of tea leaves.










Final Test 7 ____ Name_________

Variant II April________________

I. Put the words in capitals in the right form.

  1. Polly can read a whole page and ___________________ it in three minutes. (MEMORY)

  2. The farmer came back from the fields with _______________on his boots. (DIRTY)

  3. The cartoon is about a cat and three _______________(MOUSE)

  4. He looked at me ____________________ and shook his head. (REGRET)

  5. Good friends are loyal and ____________________________ (SUPPORT)

  6. What is ______________________________________ : English grammar or English pronunciation? (DIFFICULT)

  7. Why do you look so ________________? Is anything wrong? (ANXIETY)

  8. ______________________they were late and missed the beginning of the play (FORTUNE)

  9. Their ____________________________was so loud that it almost woke up their old grandmother.

  10. The ________________________of this town are friendly and polite. (INHABIT)

II. Circle the correct answer and comlete the text with the missing verb forms.

The next day was Sunday. George and Albina 1____________still asleep when Robert 2___________.

For a minute he 3______________4_______________where he 5____________and what 6____________ the day before. Then he 7______________ and his heart 8__________________. He

9______________ out of bed and 10______________ his clothes. Then he 11________________the last peace of cake and 12________________the rest of the milk. he 13__________ out of the house. it 14___________ raining but the sky 15_________________ with clouds. The Sun 16_____________

High in the sky though it 17_____________very brightly. There 18_______________a lot of people in the park. Robert was afraid that somebody 19________ 20_______________ him.

  1. a. was b. are c. is d. were

  2. a. woke up b. woken up c. wakes up d. wake up

  3. a. can b. could c. couldn`t d. can`t

  4. a. understand b. to understand c. understanding d. understands

  5. a. is b. was c. were d. has been

  6. a. happened b. happens c. has happened d. had happened

  7. a. remembered b. remember c. remembers d. was remembering

  8. a. sink b. sinks c. is sinking d. sank

  9. a. get b. got c. gets d. is getting

  10. a. puts b. put c. has put d. is putting

  11. a. took b. takes c. take d. has taken

  12. a. drink b. drinks c. drank d. has drunk

  13. a. went b. goes c. go d. has gone

  14. a. has stopped b. stopped c. had stopped d. have stopped

  15. a. is covered b. was covered c. covered d. covering

  16. a. stood b. stands c. was standing d. is standing

  17. a. didn`t shine b. doesn`t shine c. don`t shine d. wasn`t shining

  18. a. were b. are c. was d. is

  19. a. may b. might c. can d. was able

  20. a. recognize b. to recognize c. recognized d. recognizing

III. Match the parts of the text with the titles.

  1. Modern music

  2. Music for children

  3. National music

  4. Going to the theatre

  5. History of music

  6. Music in our life

  7. Clubs and cafes for music lovers

  8. American composers

  9. Music has always been one of the most popular and one of the most ancient forms of art. It is a unique combination of sound and rhythm that can have a great influence on a person’s emotional state, because music can bring people joy and happiness or make them sad and sometimes even bring them to tears. For many people music is a very important part of their life.

  10. Music plays a great role in the nation’s culture. There are national anthems for each country and there are traditional songs that are popular and well-known all over the country. Almost every nation has great internationally famous, composers, who as well as artists or writers represent their country and its culture.

  11. Music has been a part of social and cultural life since ancient times. There were musical instruments in ancient Egypt and in ancient Greece, where the musicians, the singers and the chorus were an important part of Greek theatre. During the medieval

era music has become a part of the rituals in Roman Catholic church.

  1. In the past all children in rich families had to attend music lessons and nowadays many parents still bring their children to music schools. Learning to play a musical instrument is good for children, because at the same time it helps to develop memory, hearing and it gives the child an opportunity to enter the world of beautiful sounds of classical music.

  2. Nowadays a great variety of styles and genres of music is a guarantee that every person can find something according to his or her taste. Unfortunately, too many people prefer so-called “light” music, while classical compositions are often forgotten and pop music and club music are most popular.

  3. But still there are places for music lovers, where they can enjoy their favorite genres. For those who prefer classical music there is conservatoire and philharmonic; there are special clubs and cafes for jazz lovers; and for rock music fans a lot of festivals are held regularly.

  4. And of course there is theatre. You may choose opera or ballet or operetta according to your taste and mood and still you will be surrounded by beautiful music. Combined with colorful decorations and dances this sort of entertainment is one of the best ways to spend free time.










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