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Итоговое тестирование 9 класс 2 юнит Афанасьева, Михеева

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Form 9 __ Unit 2 Name ______________________________________________

  1. Gerund or participle. And translate.

  1. Hearing a loud noise, we were shocked to move.

  2. The driver was seriously injured during the accident and is now fighting for his life.

  3. She ruined her sight by playing computer games.

  4. They saw a boy in the park standing on his head.

  5. Speaking is a whole lot easier than doing.

  6. Screaming the names of participants, the audience cheered the runners.

  7. Smoking in public places is forbidden.

  8. Jumping over the fence, the burglars managed to escape from the prison.

  1. Choose the most appropriate answer:

  1. We saw a lot of ______ chairs in the basement.

a) breaking b) broken c) having broken

  1. You look ______ . What’s the matter?

a) worried b) being worried c) worrying

  1. The man _______ with Mrs. Smith is her son’s teacher, if I’m not mistaken.

  1. talked b) talking c) being talked

  1. The second question _______ at the conference yesterday was very interesting.

  1. being discussed b) having been discussed c) discussed

  1. When I looked out of the window, I saw her ______ the street.

  1. crossing b) crossed c) having crossed

  1. I heard the children _______ over something and went to see what it was.

  1. being fought b) fought c) fighting

  1. _______ my work on the report, I locked my office and went home.

  1. Finished b) Having finished c) Having been finished

  1. The weather _______ pleasantly warm, we stayed in the park all day.

a) being b) having been c) is

  1. Add the suffix (-er, -r, -ian, -ist, -man) to make up the words. And translate.

police (полиция) – policeman (полицейский)

music; science; journal; art; post; sports; drive; manage; electric; build.

  1. Put correct preposition to phrasal verb look.

  1. She doesn’t look ___ her children properly.

  2. You have misspelled that word again. You should look it ___ in the dictionary.

  3. I have found the keys that you were looking ___

  4. I look forward ___ the holidays.

  5. The police inspector said that he would look ___ the matter.

  6. Look ___ on Tom. He’s been absent for a week already.

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