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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку для 7-х классов
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  • Иностранные языки

Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку для 7-х классов


7th Grade Final test Name___________


1 Can you ........ this problem?

A answer B work C solve D get

2 A freediver’s lungs ........ in size on the way up

to the surface.

A double B shrink C breathe D hold

3 Students often work part-time to ........ money.

A have B win C take D earn

4 Molly wants to ........ up UFO hunting as a


A pick B take C get D make

5 Joe wants to ........ for the managerial job.

A write C interview

B apply D work

6 Lisa would love ........ a job in a big advertising


A to get B get C getting

7 Ann is looking forward ........ work.

A to starting B starting C start

8 Sam’s job is ........ than Lee’s.

A most tiring B tiring C more tiring

9 Mike gets paid as ........ Paul.

A much as B more than

C much more

10 That music ........ good.

A sound B sounds C is sounding

11 Joe doesn’t like mosquitoes ........ him.

A buzzing B puffing C stinging D biting

12 They got ........ in bad weather while on holiday.

A caught C gathered

B grabbed D blown

13 The singer’s performance grabbed the ........ of

the world.

A attraction C sensation

B attention D connection

14 Google became a popular search ........ on the Net.

A version B engine C brainchild D profile

15 She was very talented and could play the violin

by ........ .

A inspiration C sight

B ear D image

16 When Ryan was young he …….. to go fishing.

A used B using C use

17 They …….. at University when they met.

A had been studying B were studying

C had studied

18 Mary checked her emails after she …….. her


A had finished B was finishing

C had been finishing

19 At 7 pm yesterday, Jane …….. on the Net.

A surfed B was surfing C had surfed

20 They …….. to the theatre last night.

A went B had gone C were going

21 Warm temperatures in the Arctic are causing

the ice to ........ .

A happen B melt C drop D form

22 Paul took a ........ course to learn how to live in

the mountains.

A survival B marine C warrior D rescue

23 Dinosaurs became a(n) ........ species millions of

years ago.

A threatened C extinct

24 I wish I …….. my first aid kit on my camping trip.

A had brought B bring C brought

25 If I …….. you, I would go ice climbing.

A am B had been C were

26 If they had brought a compass, they …….. their


A won’t lose B wouldn’t have lost

C wouldn’t lose

27 If they ......... a fire, they wouldn’t have kept


A didn’t light B won’t light C hadn’t lit

28 If you ......... ice in water, it floats.

A will drop B would drop C drop

29 The train to London ......... at 9:00 am tomorrow.

A leaves B going to leave

C is leaving

30 James ......... to Nicaragua tonight.

A flies B going to fly C is flying

31 Garlic is good for our ........ system.

A immune C natural

B stomach D hearing

32 The platypus has a poisonous ........ on its back


A sting B needle C spike D bite

33 We all have ........ remedies in our kitchen


A cure B plaster C rash D home

34 You should put some ........ cream on an insect


A indigestion C infection

B antiseptic D medical

35 MP3 players can cause hearing ........ .

A volume B arthritis C loss D pain

36 Lyn ........ go to school today as it’s a holiday.

A mustn’t B doesn’t have to

C shouldn’t

37 Bob ........ work late today. He isn’t sure.

A can B should C might

38 Mia, ........ lives next door, practices yoga.

A whose B where C who

39 ........ Peter and Paul are afraid of heights.

A Neither B Either C Both

40 ........ Tim nor Ryan is afraid of snakes.

A Neither B Either C Both

41 Kate is the girl ........ dad is a surgeon.

A who B which C whose

42 Ian is staying with a ........ family in Italy.

A typical C social

B contact D host

43 My sister ........ when she is embarrassed.

A yawns C blushes

B sneezes D coughs

44 Sam never ........ her temper.

A loses B gives C misses D stays

45 You shouldn’t ........ about other people.

A embarrass C irritate

B gossip D obsess

46 Jeff is a bit ........ . He should go on a diet.

A thin C overweight

B well-built D middle-aged

47 His heart ........ when he saw the boat leaving.

A moved B fell C lost D sank

48 Pete ........ be at work. He’s not at home.

A may B can’t C must

49 I’m not sure, but Max ........ be Italian.

A might B can’t C must

50 Fay ........ English for six years now.

A has learnt B was learning

C has been learning

51 It ........ since this morning.

A has rained B rained

C has been raining

52 Emily ........ a scholarship to a top university last


A has been winning B won

C has won

53 Mark was a victim of identity ........ .

A stealing C theft

B robbery D taking

54 Forensic scientists examine …… .

A methods C crimes

B evidence D suspects

55 Lee hired a …… detective to find her brother.

A prison C private

B store D security

56 John was a witness to a(n) …… robbery.

A armed C hacking

B dramatic D illegal

57 A statue ...... stolen from the museum last week.

A was B is C has been

58 Bill installed the lock ........ .

A myself B itself C himself

59 Nick ........ his car alarm repaired now.

A is having B had C has

60 Jim ........ that he had been mugged.

A said B told C asked


Write a story about a scary experience you

had (120-200 words). Follow the plan


Para 1: who the main characters were,

when and where the story took place, what the weather was like

Para 2: describe the events

Para 3: describe ending/feelings

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