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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговое тестирование в 10 классе по теме: "Как разнообразен мир".

Итоговое тестирование в 10 классе по теме: "Как разнообразен мир".

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Final test.

I. Which of these names places are used with “the”?

1) __________ Republic of Ireland; 8) ______Hilton Hotel;

2) __________ Henfield Road; 9) ______Nile;

3) __________Egypt; 10) _____Canary Islands;

4) __________Westminster Abbey; 11) _____Cairo;

5) _________Tate Gallery; 12) _____USA;

6) _________Edinburgh Castle; 13) ---------Rocky Mountains;

7) _________Tower of London 14) _____Coronation Street

II. Correct the sentences where necessary.

  1. South of England is warmer than the north.

  2. Africa is much larger than Europe.

  3. Nile is longest river in Africa.

  4. Tom has visited many countries in western Europe.

  5. A friend of mine used to work as a reporter in Middle East.

III. Change the questions beginning with “Could you tell me….”

  1. Has he gone to Paris? When___

  2. Is he starting tomorrow? Where____

  3. Will she be here in some days? When___

  4. Is Jack from New Zealand? Where_____

  5. Are the houses new? How new______

  6. Was his mother glad that I was in time? Why_____

IV. Fill in the right word. Translate into Russian.

due to the fact, that’s why, so, thanks to the fact, because

  1. ……..of his weakness, he couldn’t run any more.

  2. ………we had noticed the child in the water he was saved.

  3. ……… she was a good language learner she could pass her exams well.

  4. The children have done their exercises …… you could take them out.

  5. There was a sick fog …… the car hit the tree.

V. Fill in the active words from Unit I.

  1. This country has a_____ climate.

  2. New York has a _____ the Green Apple.

  3. Russia is a country of____ distances especially in the north.

  4. I 1973 severe _____ cause a lot of fires in the forests near Moscow.

  5. He’s stupid and _____ person , you shouldn’t worry about him.

  6. The sea______ is the most popular place for rest in the UK.

  7. _______ is the result of total emissions in the atmosphere.

  8. Vast______ and_____ canyons are typical for the USA.

  9. The plane was late, _____ the delegation wasn’t met in time.

  10. Britain has no long rivers but it’s known as a country of ___ and ___ plains.

(засухи, поэтому, уникальный, побережье, глобальное потепление, прозвище, равнины, глубокий, обширный, бесполезный, плоский, холмы)

VI. Fill in each gap with the new word.

  1. I think these were really (excitement) holidays.

  2. During my stay in Spain I was treated with great (polite).

  3. I’m sure I’ll get a letter from my new friend soon. I should be just more (patience).

  4. My friend was so (confidence) it was hard to believe it was her first week in Spain.

  5. I must write to my host family to thank them for their (hospitable).

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