Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыИтоговый тест модули 1-8

Итоговый тест модули 1-8

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Spotlight 10 Final TEST

Variant 3

Fill in: annual, stored, delayed, stage, reused, sick, spicy food, repellent, vendors, package, low carbohydrate diet, dryer, hire.

1.   I need to buy a new hair _____; the old one is broken.

2.   When we arrived at the main street of the town, we saw different _____ selling their unusual souvenirs.

3.   Bisket Jatra festival is an _____ event which takes place every year in spring.

4.   Jenny is on a _____  so don’t offer her any bread!

5.   I love _____ but it gives me terrible indigestion

6.   Jennifer has you always wanted to perform on _____ but she has been too scared to do it.

7.   The passengers had to wait for several hours in the airport because their flight had been _____.

8.   Nuclear waste is _____ close to the town.

9.   I believe all things should be _____ as much as possible.

10.   Put some of this insect _____ on – there are mosquitoes around here!

11.   I hate travelling by boat because I get sea _____.

12.   _____ holidays are organized by the agency.

13.   They are planning to visit Spain and are going to _____ a car.

Choose the correct form.

14.   If I had been free yesterday, I (join) you.

a)     would have joined b)will join c) would join

15.    Let's ask Tom. He (probably / tell) us the answer.

a)     tells b)will tell c)have told

16.   The letter (receive) yesterday.

a)     received b)was received c)is received

17.   She is well-informed about politics because she (read) the newspaper every day.

a)     has been reading b) is reading c) reads

18.  She can’t stand (watch) soap operas.

a)     watch b)to watch c)watching

19.   Ms Smith (work) as a sales representative for three years.

a)     works b) has been working c) is working

20.   I (meet) Alice at the restaurant tomorrow.

a)     will meet b) am meeting c)meet

21.   At the moment, Ms Smith (stand) in her hotel room.

a)     stands b) stood c) is standing

22.   If you finish your homework, we (go) to the cinema.

a)     will go b) would go c)go

23. Who you (talk)  to on the phone when I came in?

a)were you talking b)was talking c)talked



Change the following sentences into reported speech

24.   "Were you reading when I phoned you?" asked the boy.

25.   "I’ll call Ann tomorrow.", she said.

26.   Helen said: "Don't even ring me up!"

Fill in the correct prepositions of the phrasal verbs: over, up, for, in, at, off, up.

27.   He has decided to give _____ smoking.

28.   Slow down, you might run someone _____.

29.   I think that you have much free time. Take _____ some hobby!

30.   I told her to look _____ the missing book.

31.   The rubbish bins gave _____ a nasty smell in the hot weather.

32.   You should take this dress _____ the waist. It's too big.

33.   Try to eat your dinner, Jane, you've just been picking _____ it.

Fill in the correct preposition

34.   Lana is so proud ___her son. He is a brilliant skater.

35.   He is ___charge of 10 people.

36.   The doctor advised me ____ eating too much sugar.

Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold

37.   I get a lot of _____ from my family.                                                  SUPPORTIVE

38.   He’s a well _____ man in the community.                                            RESPECT

39.   The  _______was great. The audience was happy.                                 PEFORM

40.   My car is very _____ I don’t spend much money on petrol.                    ECONOMY

41.   School uniforms don’t help teenagers develop a sense of _____.           INDIVIDUAL

42.   I really love this shop as the prices are quite _____.                                 AFFORD

43.   Dmitriy Hvorostovskiy is a famous opera _____.                                       SING

44.   “Titanic” is her _______ film.                                                                     FAVOUR

45.   She’s a very _____ driver.  She always gets in trouble.                             CARE






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