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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Итоговый урок - КВН на тему : " Books are our friends".
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Итоговый урок - КВН на тему : " Books are our friends".



КВН « Books are our friends»

Данный итоговый урок в форме КВН рекомендуется для учащихся 8-х классов после прохождения раздела «The world of books». Можно класс разделить на две команды. Можно провести КВН между двумя классами. КВН проводят двое ведущих В1 и В2.

Bl: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls, teachers and friends. B2: Most children like to read and think that books are their friends. I think that books are really their friends. I like to read very much. And what do you think about books, boys and girls?

(На этот вопрос отвечают команды.)

PI: Books help us to learn a lot of interesting things about the world around us.

P2: Books teach us to understand other people better. P3: Books make our life interesting. When we read a book we never feel lonely (etc).

Bl: Boys and girls, I want you to read me some verses about books. Who wants?

PI: A new little book P2: She looked at the pictures

Full of pictures was bought And liked them indeed

For a good little girl But she was too young

Whose name was Jane Dort. To spell and to read.

P3: I hold my book with both my hands and read about some foreign lands . So I get to know all kinds of places where people live with different faces. B2: Boys and girls, do you know what a bookshop sells? PI: Big books and little books. Picture books as well. P2: Just think about all the lovely books that all the bookshops sell. Shopkeeper with two books:

I. Here are some jokes 2. And here you see some story-books

For you to read Just for you to read.

I think, dear boys and girls, And now 1 hope, dear boys and girls.

You'll like them indeed. You'll enjoy them all.


Girl (dirty book):

1. I'm the book that Betty read 2. Just look at this dirty dirty page!

At her table an hour ago. Dear me! What shall 1 do?

She's left me standing on my head Though I love girls of Betty's age
And where she is I don't know. I won't stay with Betty Blue.

Bl: Since books are our friends, they need much care

When you are reading them be good to them and fair. B2: Use book-marks, children, no hold your place and don't you turn a book upon it's clear face. Bl: Remember, children, then: books are meant to read Not to cut or colour them, no, really, never indeed. B2:1 hope friends, you really love books and treat them properly, Bl: You are sure to know a lot of writers, books, poems, stories and fairy­tales, don't you?

B2: To my mind it's high time to start our game. During the game you are expected to take part in a number of interesting and exciting competitions. The first one, as far as I remember, is a presentation.

Bl: We welcome the first team to take part in the competition. I. Презентация команд (домашнее задание): название; эмблема; приветствие; девиз; оформление стола.

First team (TI): Hello! We want to greet you! And very pleased to meet you. Hello jury! Hello spectators! You'll see that we are fun creators. You have a lucky chance to see and hear the team. «Book lovers» represent ... form. Our motto is «Seven heads are better than one.»

Yes, books are friends, remember this

We love and read them and understand what such love means. Don't write on pages, don't make drawings And don't tear the pages, please, yes, books are friends Remember this!

Here we said too much? There's nothing left to say to you. Please, look in our eyes to know that every word is true! Oh, one more thing is left, we want to ask our jury to be fair and wish a happy game to our rivals. But we believe in victory and want to be the first.


Second team (T2): We like to read and very fast, so that is why you can see all of us. We represent... form. And our motto is «Live and learn»

And finally of course every man has his hobby-horse! Our hobby is reading.

Certainly we can read fast and we like to do this from morning till night.

We have a wish about the jury: don't be too strict and understand that we are too nervous. Oh, please, jury, we'd like to win and certainly we will. We want to wish a lucky chance to our rival team. But remember, that we are worthy opponents. We'll show you an interesting game. Be happy!

Bl: Oh, so well done. I'd say congratulations! We enjoyed every minute of it!

B2: But we shan't waste much time. We are going to start the next competition. It's not less interesting.

Bl: You are to interview a rival team and make up a portrait of it in words and pictures.

B2: Don't forget to use your interview cards.

В это время ассистенты раздают конверты с вопросами для интервью.

//. Портрет противника. (Называется команда противника. Два человека проводят интервью, три человека рисуют шарж, два человека вспоминают и записывают вводные фразы, после интервью все вместе составляют рассказ и готовят его презентацию, рисунок дополняет рассказ.)

Bl: Oh, how witty! How funny! The portraits were really great! The stories were interesting, weren't they?

B2: You are quite right! But it's high time to start another competition.

Bl: Of course, you personally treat books carefully, don't you? Well, now we'll see who of you knows more rules how to treat books in a proper way.

Ill, Кто больше знает правил бережного отношения к книгам. (Раздаются 3 конверта, в которых лежат по 3 разрезанные карточки с частями пословиц, скрепленные скрепкой. Надо из кусочков составить предложение и перевести).

Rules: I. Do not write anything on the pages with a pen or a pencil. 2. Wash your hands before you begin to read. 3. Don't make drawings in the book. 4. Don't make dog's ears in the book. 5. Don't tear the pages. 6. Don't lose your


books or leave them in shops or buses. 7. Return your books in time. 8. Don't turn your book upon its clear face. 9. Use bookmarks to remember the necessary page.

BI: Oh, now we know, that you are good and true friend of books. But do you know any English or American writers?

B2: Next competition will help to get the answer to this question.

IV. Who is who?

(Раздаются конверты с портретами писателей: в каждом по одному портрету. В каждом конверте лежат отдельные карточки, на которых написаны: 3 имени писателей; 3 названия наиболее известных детских книг; 3 наиболее популярных героев; карточка-каркас ответа: 1. The name of the writer is... 2. His most famous books are... 3. Most popular characters of his books are . ...).

B2: Having heard your answers we have come to the conclusion that you have big libraries at home or you are regular readers at our school library.

BI: But can you guess while listening to the description what character it is? You are to listen to some short stories and guess what character it is. Then prove with the help of the card that you are right.

V. Узнай героя по описанию.

Каждая команда вытягивает одно имя персонажа (предлагается 3 карточки). Команды прослушивают в записи 3 текста и определяют, какой из них подходит их герою. Они поднимают карточку с номером текста №1, №2, №3. Слушают повторно, конспектируя (если необходимо) свой рассказ; при этом используется карточка-опора (Tom Sawyer; Stuart Little; Bobs the Monkey).

BI: Great! Really great! Never heard or seen anything more wonderful!

B2: I'm sure you love poems too and deep in your soul you are poets. Well, you are to write a verse, don't be afraid. Never say die!

VI. Конкурс юных поэтов.

Команды получают стихи с пропущенными словами. Подбирают рифмующиеся слова, затем декламируют стихи. Форму презентации выбирают сами.

BI: Do you love theatre? Sure you do! I guess you can perform as well. Our school theatre welcomes you!

VII. Театральный конкурс (домашнее задание).


Команды представляют маленькие пьесы на английском языке.

Bl: Oh, I enjoy everything greatly! It was wonderful. But what is about our captains? Will they have a competition?

B2: Sure! And a very difficult one! They will show their knowledge of proverbs. Russian and English. And we'll see who is the best!

VIII. Конкурс капитанов.

3 комплекта номеров от 1 до 10. Список русских пословиц для ведущего. Плакат с соответствующими пословицами на английском языке, но в другом порядке. Капитаны слушают русскую пословицу и поднимают номер соответствующей английской пословицы и делают шаг вперед (если угадали), затем читают английский вариант.

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 2. Never put off till tomorrow, etc.

Bl: The captains are so clever, aren't they?

B2: But which team is better? It's very difficult to decide.

Bl: Sure. But it's not our job. Our respected jury must do it. Will you tell us the results, please?

IX, Выступление жюри.

Подайте заявку сейчас на любой интересующий Вас курс переподготовки, чтобы получить диплом со скидкой 50% уже осенью 2017 года.

Выберите специальность, которую Вы хотите получить:

Обучение проходит дистанционно на сайте проекта "Инфоурок".
По итогам обучения слушателям выдаются печатные дипломы установленного образца.


Краткое описание документа:

Данный урок в форме КВН рекомендуется для учащихся 8-х классов после изучения соответствующего раздела. КВН можно провести между двумя классами на неделе английского языка, на классном часе. 

КВН проводят двое ведущих. Команды готовят презентацию: название,эмблема, приветствие, девиз, оформление стола. В ходе урока- КВН школьники вспоминают пословицы и поговорки о книгах (на английском языке).Им предлагаются интересные задания :конкурс юных поэтов, узнай героя по описанию, кто есть кто? 

Большое внимание уделяется бережному отношению к книгам.

В конце урока " Театральный конкурс". Команды представляют сценки на английском языке (домашнее задание).

Жюри подводит итог.

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