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Как мы отдыхаем летом

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Lesson: “Как мы отдыхаем летом


  • Practise beach, sea animals, parts of animals’ body and human body lexical sets (vocabulary group)

  • Give learners speaking practice

  • Practise the constructions There is a…. There are…..

  • Develop learners’ drama skills


  • General - sand, sand castle, sun, sea, bucket, spade, hat, sunglasses, sun screen, swimming costume, parasol,deckchair.

  • Sea creatures – crab, fish, shark, dolphin, whale, starfish, seahorse



  • Sounds of waves

  • Beach and sea vocabulary flashcards

  • Worksheets of the beach


Hello, dear children and parents! Nice to see you! What day of the week is it today? What season is it today? How is the weather?

Listen to the sounds and guess a place where we are going to speak about.

What things do you need on the beach? (Children look at the screen and name the beach items)

Now, let’s play a game. A volunteer should choose the most important thing he/she thinks but shouldn’t show the picture. Other students should guess asking questions: “Have you got a sunscreen?”

Now, we are on the beach. Let’s swim. What can you see in the sea?

First remember parts of sea animals. Match English words and Russian equivalents.(Slide 2)

Let’s play a “hot seat game”. A volunteer should sit back to the board. Others should describe the sea animal they can see on the screen but shouldn’t name it. They should use these sentences: It is………

It can……. It has………It hasn’t……

Well, we are on the beach. You have similar pictures. Find how many differences there are in the pictures, using the constructions There is a…. There are…..

What time is it? It’s time to play a game “Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf” with a ball

Red Riding Hood: Oh, Grandma! What big_________ you’ve got!
The big bad wolf: All the better to___, my dear!


I hope today we had a lot of fun and spent our time with pleasure. Thank you for your work!


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