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Каникулы. Чтение с извлечением информации.

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Holidays Are Over

Test 2.

  1. Прочитайте текст и отметьте, являются ли утверждения после него верными или неверными.

For most schoolchildren summer is the best season. They have wonderful three- month holidays. Some children go to the countryside and visit their grandparents. Others travel abroad with their families. But many children stay in Moscow because they want to spend summer with their school friends. They walk in the city centre, ride their bikes in big city parks, eat hamburges in McDonald’s, go to the cinema. They don’t buy many things, but they enjoy going from shop to shop and looking at beautiful clothes in the shop windows. Boys don’t like shops, they prefer playing sports games like football, basketball, volleyball at sports grounds. But all children go to big shopping centres to have lunch because you can buy cheap fast food and ice cream there. At weekends parents don’t work and they want to be with their children. They go to cafes or go to the country house – dachas.

In summer children don’t have any homework, so they can play computer games or watch TV.

They spend a lot of time on the Internet, more than do during their school year.

  1. Some children go to other countries in summer. -True ; - False

  2. Children stay in Moscow because of their parents. -True ; - False

  3. Children buy a lot of clothes in supermarkets. - True ; - False

  4. Children often eat in big shopping centres. - True ; - False

  5. At weekends parents and their children spend time together.- True; - False

  6. Children don’t like to watch sports, films and cartoons. –True ; - False

  1. Дополните предложения верными словами:

  1. In autumn most days are cold, rainy and __________.

  1. Foggy b) hot c) sunny

  1. Last weekend my family and I went ________ the sea.

  1. On b) to c) in

  1. Fred never writes letters _________ his friends.

  1. For b) to c) on

  1. There are a lot of interesting things _______ Red Square.

  1. On b) for c) in

  1. I often drink tea _________ breakfast.

  1. With b) on c) for

  1. Дополните предложения глаголами, поставив их в нужную форму.

  1. Last summer a lot of people (leave) the city when it was hot.

  2. Mary usually (spend) her evenings at home.

  3. She (grow) flowers in her garden last summer.

  4. There (be) a lot of big cities in Russia.

  5. He often (go) to the south on holiday in summer.

  6. Mum (walk) a lot when she is on holiday.

  1. Составь рассказ на предложенную тему. Объем – не менее 10 предложений.

Make up a story about your summer holidays.

  • Why do children like summer?

  • Where did you go in summer?

  • Who did you go with?

  • What was the weather like?

  • What did you do?

  • Did you make new friends?

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