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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Карточки для проверки знаний лексики и грамматики. (9 кл)

Карточки для проверки знаний лексики и грамматики. (9 кл)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

I.Fill in the blanks (since/for)

1. I've lived in Moscow_____ 1997.

2. Max has studied English _____  seven years.

3. We haven't visited our grandparents  ____ months.

4. Kate's ill. She's been in bed _____Monday.

5. My dad has had his c_____  sixteen.

6. It's been thirteen years_____ we moved to Oxford.

III. Match the word and the translation.

1.Motion a) правительство

2.Law b) простой

3.State c) движение

4.Common d) палата

5.A peer e) закон

6.Government f) пэр

7.Chamber g) государство

IV. Translate the phrase.

1.To make money

2.To make a mistake

3.To elect smb

4.To approve smth

5.To consist of smb/smth

IV. Open the brackets (present perfect progressive)

  1. The vegetables … (boil) since 10 o’clock.

  2. He … (wait) for her answer for two years.

  3. Tim and Sam … (learn) Japanese for a couple of weeks.

  4. My brother … (drill) holes in the wall since noon.

  5. My son … (play) computer games for 3 hours.

  6. She… (listen) to him very carefully.

  7. We ... (save) the money for a holiday for a year.

V. Match the word and the translation.

  1. Worth a) поддельный

  2. Wealth b) слуга

  3. A servant c) обязанность

  4. Values d) мешковатый

  5. A duty e) богатство

  6. Baggy f) ценность

  7. Fake g) ценность

VI. Fill in the gap where necessary. (article the)

  1. When does … lesson begin? - In an hour.

  2. She went to … school to a parents' meeting.

  3. prison was in the outskirts of the city.

  4. Do you go to … shop?

  5. He sighed and streched out on … bed.

  6. They brought some things to … hospital.

  7. Stay in … bed till you feel rested.

  8. It's … city where we first met.

  9. The jungle is … home of the monkeys and the elephant..

  10. We left … home at the age of 17.

VII. Rewrite sentences in reported speech.

  1. He said, “I will return your things tomorrow.”

  1. Megan says, “I hate cats.”

3. Ann says to me, “I like my job.”

VIII. Translate the phrase.

1.to be seasick

2. to make a living

3.to make up one’s mind

4. to stand out

5. to put a label on smb.

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