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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Карточки. 5 класс. ФГОС. II четверть. Тема 2 "We are going to travel to London". УМК Биболетово М.З. 2014

Карточки. 5 класс. ФГОС. II четверть. Тема 2 "We are going to travel to London". УМК Биболетово М.З. 2014

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Карточки II четверть. 5 класс. ФГОС. УМК Биболетовой М.З. Тема 2 «We are going to travel to London».

Определите, почему здесь употребляется именно это время. (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future simple)

  1. Mike doesn’t get up at six o’clock.

  2. They read this book yesterday evening.

  3. We usually play football at the stadium.

  4. Do you have breakfast at seven o’clock?

  5. He didn’t help his mother last week.

  6. When will children do their homework tomorrow?

  7. What did your friend do at seven o’clock yesterday?

  8. She visits her granny every week.

Раскройте скобки в предложениях, используя настоящее продолженное время.

  1. I (to play) football with my friends now.

  2. Where is Bill? He (to work) in the garden.

  3. Look! She ( to sing) a song.

  4. It is seven o’clock now. Children (to clean) their teeth.

  5. We (not to sit now), we (to stand).

  6. I (not to watch) TV at the moment.

Раскройте скобки, используя Present Continuous Tense.

  1. Where is Mum? – She (cook).

  2. Listen! The girl (to sing) a song.

  3. They (to watch) a detective film now.

  4. What you (to read) at the moment.

  5. I (not to write) a letter now.

  6. Bob (to sleep) now.

Найдите ошибки и запишите слова правильно в тетрадь.

Givieng, sleepping, plaing, danceing, runing, enjoing, doeing, helpping, geting, takeng

Найди лишнее слово

  1. Going, helping, doing, playing, sit.

  2. Wash, watch, cleaning, like, read.

  3. Running, taking, getting, jogging, knitting.

  4. Playing, coming, arranging, making, dancing.

  5. Went, did, corrected, slept, saw.

Используй Present Simple или Present Continuous и раскрой скобки.

  1. They (to play) tennis now.

  2. We (to play) tennis every day.

  3. Where is Jane? – She (to read) a new book in her room.

  4. Sam usually (to read) magazines in the evening.

  5. I (to write) a letter to my sister at the moment.

  6. I (to write) a letter to my granny once a month

Внимательно посмотрите на слова, найдите ошибки и запишите слова в тетрадь.






  1. Wiikend

  2. Patner

  3. Decoreite

  4. Picnic

Раскрой скобки, поставь глаголы в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. Who …….. in the hall? (to dance) – My sister. She ……… very well. (to dance)

2. What …….. you …….. now? (to do) – I ….…..a new computer game. (to play)

3. Where …….. she ……..? (to live). – She …….. in Moscow. (to live)

4. …….. you ….…..cats? (to like) – Yes, I do. I …….. a cat at home. (to have)  Its name is Blacky.

Подберите подходящее слово. Запишите предложения в тетрадь.

1). I’d like (to collect / collection / collect) foreign maps.

2). Can you (describe / to describe / description) this picture?

3). Do you like the (decorate / o decorate / decoration) of our hall?

4). What can you (information / to inform / inform) about your last trip?

5). We like (celebration/ celebrate / to celebrate) our school dates.

6). Yesterday we spent a lot of (invite / invitation / to invite) letters.

Используйте глагол to be в правильной форме:

1. She……..going to have a birthday party.

2. Tom …..… going to pass his exams.

3. I ……... going to make sausages for lunch.

4. They……….. going to visit Moscow.

5. I and my friend ………. Going to write a letter to our friend.

Составьте вопросы к следующим предложениям, начиная их с вопросительной частицы, стоящей в скобках.

1. I am going to help you. (What………..?)

2. We are going to travel abroad (Who………..?)

3. My friends will visit us tomorrow. (When……….?)

4. He can see three pupils in the picture. (How many …………?)

5. Helen was late yesterday. (Why…………?)

6. They started that work last week. (When…………?)

7. Jack plays football at the stadium. (Where……………?)

Составьте вопросы с хвостиком (не так ли?)

1. They are going to study Literature, ….?

2. We shall spend our holidays in Great Britain, ….?

3. His friend can speak English very well, …..?

4. I never play tennis in winter, ….?

5. You are not a doctor, ….?

6. The girl helped her granny about the house last week, ….?

Вставьте в предложения подходящие по смыслу слова из предложенных:

Group, invitation, travel, responsible, stay, educational, theatre.

  1. I can see a …… of children.

  2. They are going to …

  3. They got an … letter last month.

  4. These pupils will …. with the families of children from English schools.

  5. The young woman is …. for the tickets.

  6. Pupils will have a special ….. programme.

  7. They will go to the …. in the evening.

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